Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6/15/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&Pup@AD, Kala,U/F & U/M@Rabbit Island, Benny @ Lanikohonua&Paradise Cove, Pohaku&Pup@Kauai, 6-15-16, Y/N, Nihoa&Pup&RW02, Mokuleia

Marilyn’s call came at 0530. “We have a pup “. I cut my spot checks short and immediately went to AD. Sure enough there was Kaiwi (RK96) and her pup, right where she had been last night. Just east of the “party tree”. All required notifications were made, and a temporary cordon put up. For you old timers, this is the first known grand child of the legendary Irma. Though there have been other 4 year olds giving birth, I think this might be a first for Oahu. Gotta’ check that with Tracy.

 Jon arrived the equipment and the SPZ was begun. Thanks to the crew of Jon, Cate,Davy&Tony as well as Missus W. It was a lot of hard work but it went well, and they were within an SPZ relatively quickly.

 Lots of the immediate family came, as well as Aunties & Uncles from afar. Thanks to Team Billand and Tammy & Dave T., for the great shots. Marilyn did the early morning stuff in difficult lighting, and got good stuff.

 Gayle pulled a shift and gave me a chance to make a run to check the Rabbit Island cast. I could ID Kala (the weaner), but the U/F & U/M at right middle cliff proved impossible. Maybe tomorrow . 

Team Billand called at 1414 with the report of Benny (RE74) first reported at Paradise Cove, the Lanikohonua, the back to PC, then departing. Just too many people not giving the boy break.

 As if Kaiwi’s day wasn’t enough of a highlight there was one added piece of Grrrrrreat information. Pohaku (RO28) gave birth on Kauai today !!!!

 In the Yesterday’s News department Lesley send late night mail showing Nihoa&Pup, and RW02 on 6-14-16 at Mokuleia.

 Kaiwi's first pup... PO4 ... Irma's grandkid 
 little seal hug
 how quickly they forget.... it was a difficult time for Kaiwi as a pup negotiating that rocky shoreline.... you think she would give her own a little easier time ... 
 they having a good laugh...
 early morning light a new born pup
 poor guy couldn't catch a break... wonder what this lady would do if he lunged for her?


Madhatter said...

YAY for Pohaku and Kaiwi !!!!!
Oh yes the legendary Irma, sure do miss the ones who have been MIA.
Bad boy Benny has calmed down a bit. I'm sure he misses them too.

Tony said...

Technically not the first for Oʻahu - since UaMalie gave birth to Holokai 2 days before her fifth birthday last year. But may be a first for two pups born the same day in the MHI (if you assume PO4 was born the morning of June 15 as well).

Dana said...

We are all so happy to have been around for 3 generations of monk seals. What a decade it's been. Many of us started with Irma, Kermit, R5AY, Ewa Girl and have been around for the female pups and their darling offspring. Welcome little ones. So happy to have you in the world. Be safe.