Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6/15/2016 Lesley's Update on Nihoa and PO3 Today and Yesterday's News

I did dawn check on R912 "Nihoa" & PO3 they were having some water time and RW02 "PV Kauai" was no where to be seen. In the afternoon I went down and the trio was again together, all out cold to the world. 

Kimo & I did our evening walk and stopped by just before loosing day light. PO# was playing with Nihoa's foreflipper just as we have seen pups over the years playing with Naupaka. 

Made me think of our little girl RK96 "Kaiwi" that gave birth (for the first) time today to PO4.

 Nihoa and PO3
and now from yesterday's news......
 very sweet!
 and RW02... looking the same as he did today.

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Darlene and Todd said...

Awesome news about Ka'iwi and Pohaku!! Ka'iwi was the first pup we followed on the blog and now she is having a pup!!
However REALLY Ka'iwi near the "party tree"....maybe she wants to celebrate Irma's first grand pup LOL
Sending blessings, good vibes and well wishes from Canada that all the seals stay safe and healthy!! We miss you all so much and are very grateful for this blog to keep us in the loop....Mahalo to all the hard working and dedicated posse are all so amazing!!
Darlene and Todd Van Elslander xoxo