Saturday, June 11, 2016

6/11/2016 DB's Dailies: Right Spot@Sandy Beach, Kaiwi@AD, Cass&Weaner@Rabbit Island, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Nihoa&Pup@Mokuleia,Buster@White Plains, Rocky@Hau Bush, Pohaku@Kauai,

At 0538 I found Right Spot (R016) at the east end of Sandy Beach. I cordoned her off and she has remained all day.

 Also at 0538 Marilyn called to advise that Kaiwi was at “the party tree” , approximately 1/4 mile east of the AD Wall. We cordoned her off and she has remained all day. Thanks to Jon, Gina, Nichole, Brad & of course Missus Whisperer.

 At 0829 I found Cass (RG06) at Rabbit Island. She was initially left of 1BS, but moved to the left end rock flats early in the day and remained.

 Beginning at 0915 I began seeing familiar domes in the water amongst the rocks at the left end of RI. It was the Weaner just lolling in the shallows. Finally at 1234 the weaner hauled out to the far left end of the beach. It still never gave me a good look at the belly.

 Marilyn called at 1328 to report that Kolohe (RW22) was once again at the Lanai Lookout Flats. 

Dana checked in with shots of Nihoa&Pup at Mokuleia.

 At 1634 Team Billand reported Buster (RV08) at White Plains.

 At 1719 the Billand reported Rocky (RH58) at Hau Bush. Sad excuses for human beings were all over her.

 The highlight of the day came at 1125 with a call from Our Pal Val. The exact words were “The Oahu barge has landed on Kauai” ! It took my ravaged brain cells a second to catch up to Val’s humor but it quickly hit me. Pohaku (RO28) had just arrived on Kauai. Me and a buncha’ others had the same reaction.... WHEW !!!!! Thank You Pohaku !! Now if we can just get Kaiwi to head over to Rabbit Island...!

 Kolohe at Lanai Lookout
 Nihoa and PO3
 Right Spot overseeing a wedding
 Kaiwi - Really??? the party tree?  
 the Oahu Barge... lol 
 Rocky at Hau Bush
 It's hard enough to manage people when there is an SPZ but without one... well it's a free for all

 Just a matter of time someone will get hurt


Diga said...

I guess Rocky didn't get the memo that she is supposed to move to another spot if she is harassed. I wonder what will happen if one of these kids gets injured by a seal one day.

E Brandi Apana said...

I feel so badly for Rocky. She isn't bothering anyone and all she wants to do is sleep. Really poor excuses for human beings, adults setting poor examples.

L Weske said...

very Sad to see these pictures.....seal did seem bothered a bit to me.