Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/3/2014 DB's Dailies: Kea@SB, Kolohe,RM38,Kainoa&3 U/U@RI, Haupu&Benny@WP, Makaiwi@IRQ

It was soggy day out there. At 0730 Barbara V., called with the report of a new arrival to the outfall. I arrived at 0740 and found Kea (RN46) with his head in the Naupaka, and Barbara starting the SPZ . He has remained the rest of the day.

 Rabbit Island observations were very nearly impossible. I could make out three shapes through the rain. A U/U in the Morning Glory, 60 ft left of 1BS, RM38 fronting the Left Greenery, and another U/U at the vegetation line behind Seal Rock Inlet. I finally called the game on account of rain. At 1430 I made another attempt, with less rain, and was rewarded with an increase in the case. What I had thought to be a single animal, 60 ft left of 1BS turned out to be Kolohe (RW22), and another animal which I was not able to ID. There were now 3 animals up in the Morning Glory at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS. I was only able to ID Kainoa (RN04). The other two adult sized animals never gave me anything, except one was a new coat, and the other an old coat (Buster ???). RM38 was still at Left Greenery, but had rolled to show me his 15% molted ventral side. The UU at Seal Rock Inlet remained just that, however it appeared to be one of the new coat juveniles.

 Team Billand called at 0806 with the report of Makaiwi (R4DF) at the east end of Iroquois Point.

 At 1300 they found Haupu (RB24) at the fence line, White Plains.

 At 1318 they reported a 90% molted Benny (RE74) at “Sharkbite’s Tree”, White Plains.

 An afternoon email from Dana brought news of an increase in the reward for the RF58 murder on Kauai this weekend. Pleeeease help find this scumbag!

Kainoa, UU & UU
 Kolohe and UU
 LOL  Kea hiding from the rain....  
Benny molting away at white plains
 almost done
 Haupu at white plains
 Maka'iwi at Iroquois Point
 Interesting picture.... 
 nice thing about rainy days... no one is around
 Rob and caller..

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Da Barbara said...

Yesterday on our 6:30am check at Plains, we couldnt find any seals out there. It was a weird feeling being with the recent DEATH OF RF58.

We got a call of a seal at Iroquios. We charged out the caller said, looks like...prop injury. Well I hoped it was Makaiwi and not a new wounded seal.

Got to site, there she was..Makaiwi all right, so high up on shore, snoozing in the rain.

We met the caller...Wayne a very nice gentlemen who was so concerned for the seal there on shore. So we gave Wayne a nice session on ... MONK SEALS.

He offered us hot coffee, hot tea or cocoa...NAH, we are good Wayne.

He even helped with the zone set up and also put sticks in the earth for a perimeter with us.

Makaiwi hardly moved in the rain..I didnt want to leave her alone. Wayne said it was a busy beach..a public beach. So Jean was called out.

Before Jean arrived, I cleaned off a chair from the rain, sat there IN THE RAIN..observing Makaiwi. I thought, I am afraid for all females...especially those that give birth in a remote area. Before I thought they were so smart to do that, find a spot without humans around. Now...being RF58 was beaten to death in an area so remote..scares me to death.

Who is gonna see if one were to Beat a seal..whose gonna tell.

Is there any spot that is safe to birth on?? NO..humans are around every where and some not so nice humans. What are we to do? How can we help our seals? I dont know.We are trying our best to do all we can..TO PROTECT THEM.

I am still filled with sadness for RF58..she was just 5 months old .

So many of the cases of our beaten, shot seals are UNSOLVED. Will this case be investigated to the max...till they find the killers? I hope so.

Any ways, back to we sat there, ships kept coming in and out of the cool to observe. There was peace there and it felt so good. I told Robert...I dont want to leave here for now. I love this peace and quiet..all I hear are the snoring sounds of a resting seal..Makaiwi.

I had to take some shots of the ships made an intersting scene. AND IT AINT FAKE.,.that ship passed, I ran all over trying to get the best view for all to see.

I even got the subs, impressive.

I found shells out there too, awesome,

I wanted Jean to feel this peace and see Makaiwi resting without anyone bothering her. We talked with Jean till was wonderful..and thanks Jean for volunteering your valuable time out there in the...cold RAIN.

As for Benny..he was high up as well, snoozing near the tree.,.Sharkbites tree. I sat with Benny for hours..listening to his snore as well. He looked so warm and fuzzy in the rain.

Haupu was at the fenceline, snoozing away the hours. It stopped raining..all were very respectful. YEAH!!!

We left early by 5:30pm. And there was NO TRAFFIC for a change..a good day feels grand. I feel HAPPY.