Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/12/2014 DB's Dailies: RM38@RI, Kea&U/M@ Blowhole, Pohaku@PC, Benny@Lani's, KoOlina

Despite lots of miles trod and driven, by both myself and Gayle, it began to look like RM38 was going to be the only critter found today, in the SE quadrant. I first saw him at 0741, in the rain, 50 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. On my next look, in the rain, I found him on the left end rocks. After a bout of zero visibility, when I looked again he was gone. On my 3rd look at 1150 I found him at Left Greenery, on RI. He would have some company this time. A DOCARE sanctioned recovery effort began just as I arrived at the pier. The Jet Ski that had been on RI the past 2 days was successfully removed. RM38 had a front row seat to the 2 minute operation, and was not affected at all. RM38 is 85% molted.

Gayle came through at dusk with a call at 1726 reporting two animals playing off of Blowhole. When I arrived at 1743 I confirmed one as Kea (RN46) by those big ol’ beautiful natural bleaches. The other I was not able to ID, but it was a male juvenile/subadult, with a new coat, and 2 red tags. The lighting and the fact that they were being so active, allowed nothing more. Thank you Gayle.

Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove at 1031.

At 1044 they reported Benny (RE74) at Lani’s, KoOlina.

Diane T., called to advise that Benny had departed Lani’s at 1750.

RM38 with an abandon jet ski
 hmmm wonder what happened to the owner.... who just leaves a jet ski on Rabbit Island?
 Benny at Lani's Ko Olina
 love the typical Benny poses 
 Pohaku at Paradise Cove

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b said...

Thanks to Terri for checking in on Benny and Pohaku.

Thanks Diane T for spending some time with Pohaku and Benny.

We did all we could for four hours, educating all, tried to call some volunteers out to MANY THANKS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!

Also thanks to Karen for the call..seems we dont get many calls lately.

And to Brandi for getting the help out there at Paradise Cove. Team work...WORKS.