Monday, December 1, 2014

12/1/2014 Maka'iwi 4DF in All Her Glory!

Thank you Team Billand for a great series of shots.... Happy to hear your only problem out there was the nasty traffic.  Also good to see your spending the day with this beautiful seal.

 Mini Billand Foot Print!
 who's better than you?

 She is a busy seal, hauling up and down all day long...and when she finally leaves, she squirts her way out to sea....the only seal I've seen do this behavior. Sorry, I tried to capture this for 5 years...its the best I got today...not the greatest, but, you can see her fountain.

Dont ya just love this incredible seal...Makaiwi R4DF???? WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Da Barbara said...

Over the past five years being with Makaiwi, you see these things she carries with her from a young age.

For years I been trying to capture her Squirt Behavior as she leaves each day. Well, I aint the best photographer, and the day was after sunset..I did my best to show what she does while going on her way out to sea.

By the way, we spent from 6:30am with her, tried to do a Leeward Route Check, but the traffice was backed up to KoOlina. We made a U turn and headed back with Makaiwi as we knew she had no one to keep an eye out for her at Plains.

Got there, Makaiwi had moved a good 60 feet..LEFT. She is another seal who moves left like M and M R020 used to do.

Any we sat there watching this cool female, Makaiwi. I told Rob, I hope she leaves soon as the light will be junk to show her "SqUIRTS" when she leaves.

Ok the big moment came and she left at 5:50pm..going down and then...She pops out, looks about at shore, turns, SQUIRTS her way out to sea. I tried so hard to capture that moment..not the greatest photos, but clearly you can see how she just shoots that water out of her mouth. Yep..she is still our little SQUIRT.

It was chilly out there, but we stayed, bundled up in our faded chairs, in the wind. I dont know how many times we moved the perimeter as MISS Makaiwi is a mover..and she makes this very loud BORT!! sound all the time. It captures everyones attention thinking that she ... Farted. NOPE, just clearing her nose or her throat.

She left, we were happy to finally leave. BUT...we got to KoOlina again..THE TRAFFIC WAS STILL THERE!!!!

What a waste of time and gas..I entertained myself, viewing Makaiwi shots of the day.

Oh and I want to thank RICH Da SURFA, who been roping off Makaiwi each morning..he lives near by and takes good care of our seals. He is a good human, wish there were more of RICH...Da Surfa. Very calm, tall, thin, dude...with a big heart. Seal ya in the early AM Rich.....

madhatter said...

I love the pictures of Makaiwi!
She is awesome😊