Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21/2014 DB's Dailies: Aukai,RM38,Buster&Kainoa@RI,Kaiwi@CW, Benny@Makaha, Haupu@KoOlina, Right Spot@Rocky Point,

I was on Kea patrol from 0620, with highly paid assistance from Marilyn & Melanie, but for the first time in many a day, there was no Kea in our lives today.

Marilyn called at 0901 with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at China Walls. Melanie also saw her there on her afternoon check.

At 0940 I found RM38 & Buster (RV08) at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island.

On a pan at 0944 I found Kainoa (RN04) at Seal Rock Inlet. At 1043, what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) hauled out to the left end rocks. All would remained the rest of the day.

At 0900 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) at Makaha. Volunteer Terri reported his departure at 1134.

At 1020 the Billands advised they were responding to a call of an animal at Lagoon #4 KoOlina.

At 1049 they confirmed the Haupu (RB24) ID. Terri advised that Haupu departed at 1533.

At 1159 Dana called to advise that Right Spot (R016) was at Rocky Point today.

At 1422 the Billands called to advise that RIP (RR70) was at White Plains, fronting #1707A. He had apparently been there since 1130, but there were no calls.

 Aukai and RM38  
 RM38 and Buster 
 Benny leaving a trail
 RIP looking quite handsome.... 

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b said...

Many thanks to Campton Family out at White Plains and who made the call to us about: RIP.

Lifeguards put the zone up before we got there. Thanks to them as well.

Rip never left, we stayed with him from 2 to 6:15pm. And as we went to the car, I decided to go back and check one last time, the kids were in the zone, clapping hands, yelling at RIP, "GO SEAL..LEAVE already, GO!!" I stood and watched them, and they went back out to surf. Tsk. Tsk. Poor Rip.

Benny was out at Makaha seems along time maybe over nighted as the wallow was over 100 ft from the waters edge.

Got to sight,folks reported to us, others were at Benny, trying to pet him and he scurried off to the waters edge.

We were with Benny from 8:50am to 10:30am. Terri, god bless her, came out but Benny would leave Makaha at 11:30am.

Security called with a seal at Lagoon 4, got there to find, Chunky Haupu. We stayed with her from 10:50am to 1pm. Thanks to the security team for putting up the zone before we arrived.

Haupu would leave 3:30pm Per Terri.

We never went back to Leeward check, we were too busy with RIP.