Sunday, December 7, 2014

12/17/2014 DB's Dailies: Kainoa&RM38@RI, Kea@SB, Kaiwi@CW, Buster@BF, Benny@WP, Haupu@PC, Kolohe@Maili Pt, Kaikaina@TB, Right Spot@Hauula

Sandy Beach was Monk Seal free on my 0615 check. Thanks to Barbara V, and Marilyn D., for helping with Kea “bench duties”, waitin’ for the kid. More on that in a moment.

At 0930 I found Kainoa (RN04) behind Seal Rock Inlet , on Rabbit Island.

On a pan at 0955 I found RM38 just hauling out to the left end rocks on RI. I could not get a percentage, but my guess would be 35% .

Diver posse member Paul Hasley called from Lanai Lookout to advise that he had seen an animal in the waters off of Buster Flats (Lanai Lookout, left side), on a dive but had no further info. Marilyn D., called at 1238 to advised that Buster (RV08) was now hauled out to Buster Flats. I arrived at 1251 and confirmed the Buster ID, by tag. Paul called to say that he had also gotten a V38 tag shot on the dive. Buster was still there on my 1700 check.

We put in many an hours on the bench at the outfall waiting for Kea to make his entry. While Marilyn & I were there, I got a call from Ocean Safety, at 1207, reporting an animal at the Blowhole end of Sandy Beach. I would have put both cats on Buster , but lo and behold when I arrived at 1218, to the east end I found Kea (RN46) waiting for me. Though this is D#55 of his Sandy Beach stay, it is, in fact ,a good sign that he hauled out somewhere other than the outfall. It is a small step in the return to normality. Marilyn reported Kea gone on her 1614 check. I hung out at the outfall for a while but he never showed.

Melanie called at 1242 with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at China Walls.

Team Billand called at 0755 with the report of Benny (RE74), once again at “Sharkbite’s Tree”, White Plains.

Dana called at 1020 with the report of Haupu (RB24) at Paradise Cove.

The Billands found Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point ate 1426. I was hopin’ the boy would show up out that way. He had been MIA from Rabbit Island for 3 days.

Diane Gabriel checked in at 1450 with the report of a 95% molted Kaikaina (RL54) at Turtle Bay. At 1630 Diane Gabriel reported an UU at Hauula. She confirmed the Right Spot (R016) ID at 1657.

Diane Pike sent some shots of an U/U she met yesterday. She could not get an ID, but since the shots are everything that cute oughta’ be, they are worth a look. Cute da’ kid.
Kaiwi at china walls 
 little white bleach dot on her head
 Kea at Sandys' BIG white bleach mark on his flipper 
 Kea looking handsome and a little grown up
 somewhere on Rabbit Island is RM38
Buster at his flat 
 Irresistible cuteness at its best
 Unknown on Molokai
 Ay ya ya ya I am the frito bandito !!

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