Monday, December 22, 2014

12/22/2014 DB's Dailies: 2 UU @ RI, Haupu @ Maili, Kolohe @ Maili Point

It was just down right miserable out there today in the SE quadrant. Despite multiple looks at all the usual spots, I found nobody, nowhere, except for two critters hunkered down in the Morning Glory, left of 1BS on Rabbit Island, on my morning check. Though it was impossible to get an ID, I could at least see that one was an old coat, and the other a new coat. On my 1400 return to the pier, the same two lumps were in the exact same location, though on this check visibility was the next thing to zero. I can’t prove it , of course, but my Neo Monachus gene whispered that it was Buster & RM38, but ?????????

Team Billand checked in at 1015 with the report of Haupu (RB24) at Maipalaoa, Maile.

At 1204 they reported Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point.

While on the hunt at Yokes, Barbara managed to score some excellent bodyboard shots. It took me back to my roots ! Ya’ Done Good !!!

DB mentioned going back to his roots.... well FIRST let me say... Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Whisperer..... and check this link out:

 Awesome shots !! woooo hoooo !

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b said...

So cool. Music to video's DA BOMB.

Hey, thanks Donna, for posting this, I truly enjoyed it.

When I was a Kid growing up in Makaha in the 60's we were there at Makaha, watching all the guys with their super duper big BOARDS.

It was a time in my life, I joined in by picking all the boards up from the shore that came in with all the WIPEOUTS. I would struggle to pull those boards out of the water for the guy that lost his board, and wait for the guy to come a shore to get em.

Those boards didnt have bungie back then, and were quite heavy for me, but I was determined to help the surfers out.

We used to go to all the MOON LIGHT SURFING SHOWS at Makaha Beach, dance to the crazy music, till late in the evening, WHEN IT WAS SAFE BACK THEN.

We used to watch the Tandems, boogie boarders, Makaha was a place to be back then.

We would watch Rell Sun, all the time..she was a great person.

Later on in life we'd check out Danny Kim, our neighbor long time ago. Db knew him as well.

So seeing DB back in his day, awesome, fun.

We didnt notice the Monk Seals till 1976..We would go across the street to photograph the seals that came during the winter months.

I sent some of the poor photos to NOAA, but none could be ID'd. Monks always drew a crowd, even back then.