Sunday, December 28, 2014

MORE Team Billand.....

Haupu at Showers
 Beautiful Sunset!

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b said...

Thanks to GLEN AND VERA for being at the crowded beach with Benny, Haupu and Rip.

Benny didnt leave till 6:15pm..HOORAY!!!!

Haupu left at 6:30pm ... FINALLY!!

Miss Pohaku was found four feet above ground..on the rocks, between Lani's and Secrets. That was so high, seemed really nuts to see her up there. Folks were shocked to see her ...I wish we saw her leaving. I wonder how she did go out.

Thanks to Warren for the spot checks and for Terri for removing all the signs and ropes we set up at 7am.

I was so disappointed Rip left so quickly. Something spooked him and I saw him jump in the air, scurry off to sea and we never saw him again.

I am glad no seal was caught in the lay net in Ewa Beach!!!!

Nice to see Vera and ERIC again...

Peace and love to Eileen and Sonnie!