Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/2/2014 DB's Dailies: Buster&Kea@SB, Aukai,Duke,Mojo,Kainoa,Kolohe,RM38&RK36@RI, Makaiwi, Haupu&Benny@WP

Sandy Beach was Monk Seal free when I arrived at 0600. When I got back to the outfall at 0800 I found Barbara V, on Kea watch, and to my happy surprise, Buster (RV08) in the shallows. He was obviously looking for Kea. He would hang around in he shallows until 0809 , departing to the east. 

Shortly after his departure we looked over at the outfall at 0812 and Kea (RN46) had suddenly appeared. He woud galumph up to the Naupaka and remained the day, moving up and down a couple of times.

 My first look at Rabbit Island had been a bust, but when I got back for round #2, I found a bumper croppa’ critters. 40 ft left of 1BS I found 4 animals just hauling out. They would prove to be Aukai (RL12), Duke(RA12), Mojo (RI17)&Kainoa(RN04). Duke&Mojo would have words, but things quickly quieted down. To the right of that group, was another gang of 3, fronting Left Greenery. They were Kolohe (RW22), a 10% molted RM38, and a 98% molted RK36. The whole gang would remain all day.

 At 0642 Team Billand advised that Makaiwi (R4DF) had been at White Plains and had been cordoned off by posse member Rich, but as they arrived she departed. They followed her as she foraged headed west, last seeing her at Kalaeloa Campgrounds.

 At 0649 they reported Haupu (RB24) at the showers, White Plains. At 0849 they reported the arrival of Benny (RE74) fronting #1707, WP.

 A few days ago Kimo Smith sent shots of Temp402 at Ka’ena Point. Based on the V7 bleach, Tracy advised that it wasn’t Temp 402, but was Temp302 from Kauai. As it turns out after further review Temp 402 IS Temp302, and now that you’ve learned that, forget it because, now he is neither . He has been assigned a new “permanent ID “ number, Tem402/302 is now R330. Got that ?

 I’ve saved the worst for last. I’m extremely sad to report that Rocky’s little , 5 month old daughter was found dead yesterday on Kauai. A press release was issued today, and all the news are reporting the story. Sadly, the cause of death was “blunt force trauma to the head”. Yet another sad commentary on our fellow man.

 Kimo Smith sent a Yesterday's News report with the cast being, RIP(RR70), Ka'ena(RO40), Benny(RE74), RW02&R330 at KP, and Luana at Mokuleia.

 Check the blog for the Billand’s day. I’ve got an airport run to make. Missus W returns tonight.

Aukai, Duke, Mojo and Kainoa
  Kainoa, Duke, RK36, Kolohe and RM38 
Buster at Sandys
 Kea at Sandys
 getting ready to duck his head
Ka'ena and Rip
 Rip, Kaena and Benny

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