Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/20/2014 DB's Dailies: RM38&Kainoa@RI, Kea@ETB, RW02,Luana&RL42@KP, Rocky@KK, Kolohe@Maili Pt

was at the Blowhole Lookout at 0615, on Kea watch. Sure enough at 0822 I found him just hauling out the water front rocks down in the Eternity Beach cove. I initially held off with the cordon so as not to draw attention to him, since he was well blended with the rocks. Eventually, however it became necessary once the adoring hordes began to arrive. Lesley call with the report of an animal at ETB, and I already knew that “the Santa Hat Girls” had been the callers. I cordoned him off, and he has remained the day. Gayle reported Kea gone at 1718. Much Mahalos to Gayle & Marilyn for picking up the stuff.

 At 1110 I found RM38 at the water line at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island.

 At 1129 Kainoa (RN04) hauled out, 30 ft right of 1BS. Both would remain the day.

 Just as we finished up with Kea at 1737 Lesley checked in with a Hotline call about an animal at Kokee Flats. Initial talk was about the sand bar at the Kaiser dock, and that is where I found the caller, however the animal which turned out to be Rocky (RH58) was partially submerged in Irma’s Grotto. ID was by her right shoulder pit scar.

 Marilyn checked in at 1109 from The End of the World to advise that she, Ken & Soon-Hwee Ng had found RW02 & Luana (RN58) cavorting in the waters off the Back Beach. They would later haul out together at the Back Beach. Near the Runway they found RL42 snoozin’ amongst the rocks.

 Team Billand called at 1330 with the report of Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point.

 Kea at Eternity Beach 
go pros add a whole new element to harassment 
 super cutie
 Santa hat ladies
Kolohe at Maili Point
 Rocky at kokee flats
 ain't she sweet!
 RW02 and Luana
 Look how cute this is!!

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