Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/24/2014 DB's Dailies: RM38,Aukai,Kainoa&UU@RI, Kea@ETB, Rocky@SC, Kaiwi@CW, Benny&RIP@WP, U'ilani@RR, Kolohe@Secrets, Haupu@PC, Pohaku@Maili Pt

I was on the road at 0630. It would be 0730 before I found what would prove to be Kainoa (RN04), nestled up against the log, 40 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island.

At 0756 Marilyn checked in with the report of an animal doing 6-7 minute dives at Spitting Cave. She thought it was probably Rocky . Analyses of her photos, at 1300 confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID, but her right shoulder pit scar, and her left side N11 bleach.

At 0810 I found Kea (RN46) foraging along the west side ledge at Eternity Beach. Unfortuantely tourist discovered him and in taking photos, managed to run him off at 0917. Despite lots of looking we did not see him again today.

 On my return to Makai Pier at 1015 I found what would prove to be RM38 & Aukai (RL12) together in the Morning Glory, 40 ft right of 1BS.

 At 1042 an U/U hauled out to the far left end of the beach, and galumphedup to join Kainoa in the Morning Glory. I was never able to get an ID, but my dollar is on Buster ????????

 At 1157 Gayle called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at China Walls.

 At 0808 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) at 1707, White Plains. Dana also forwarded shots from Andrew Kern. Thank you Andrew. The Billands would report his departure at 1148.

 At 0921 the Billands called at advise that posse member Eileen had had reported U’ilani ( RN36) & an U/U at the Reef Runway.

 Dana called at 1112, followed closely by the Billands call, reporting the arrival of RIP (RR70) to join Benny at WP.

 1231 Dana called to advise of an animal at Secrets. The Billands would confirm the Kolohe (RW22) ID at 1240. Thank you to Nanette Cook for your Kolohe shot.

 At 1258 the Billand found Haupu (RB24) at Paradise Cove.

 At 1529 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Point.

Kaiwi # china wall 
 Rocky at Spitting Cave 
Kea at Etermity Beach
 Benny at White Plains
 Rip and Benny
Haupu at Paradise Cove
 this is soooo soooo wrong... BACK off
 Kolohe at Secrets

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Barbara said...

Many thanks to Jean Jasina for taking a watch with da BENNY. For making the call to us, AFTER we had just left Benny...about RIP's Arrival.

I just knew another seal was around after seeing Benny's reaction, him holding his head up high, sniffing the air. You just knew, someone else was coming soon. Just didnt know...WHO?

Jean ya done so good. You made a good judgement call on the ID. You said, "IT'S another seal Barb, I know it's not Pohaku, not Kolohe, no bleach spot, not Haupu. I think it could be...Buster? or RIP? Wow, that is TALENT to be able to do that...GOOD JOB KID.

Rip is a tuff seal to id, as he dont got many markers at all. HEY BLEACH BOY, ARE YOU GOING TO BLEACH RIP...SOON? He. He.

I hear, Bev and Vera were coming after you, THANKS GUYS. You are all so appreciated...we got to find three more seals..we got to go home around 4pm, and we got to enjoy some R and R with..OLIVIA and family. God bless you guys.

We were going Leeward, asked Dana, any more calls??? NO..NONE. But at Electric Beach check, Dana did call right back and say..One of your girls are at Secret Beach.

We went flying out to find...KOLOHE!! RW22..We were surprised HE WAS THERE. He looks healthy, BIG, HANDSOME sitting on the rocks.

Thanks to a visitor for informing us of yet, another seal at Paradise COve.

I ran over the rocks, as I turned the corner there was a lady taking selfie shots RIGHT WITH HAUPU!!! I couldnt run fast enough, losing my left slippa as I ran, FOUR FEET BEHIND ME. I had to get back to my SLIPPA, almost fell on my face trying to get that LADY back of HAUPU. I kept flagging her off, but she continued to snap away.

Got to sight, got folks back, called Rob to come quick..there were tons of people there. MORE THAN USUAL.

Lots of folks were around the poor turtle, LUCKY on shore. Rob tried to inform them, PLEASE GIVE THE TURTLE SPACE TO REST. Tsk. Tsk.

Folks in the water chasing turtles to touch them and take their Xmas photos.

Our thanks to a lady, on shore, who came to us and inform us folks were throwing sand at Haupu and getting way too close. SIgns were posted, NO ONE WAS LISTENING to them. So we put out the ropes and signs, making a nice room for Haupu.

Our thanks to Terri and some new guy, sorry name unknown..for taking care of both seals, Haupu and Kolohe. We left there at 2:45pm.

Our fifth seal would be..Pohaku..Maili. She was just rolling about in the shallows, alone. She looked happy, FAT, magnificent...She made my day as I worry for Pohaku all the time.

IF there were any more angels who took watches out there, THANKS.

Well, there was NO KERMIT to find..again. Where ever he is, I hope he is happy and in peace. I guess I have to grow up and accept, he aint coming home. So long Kermit..I sure miss you fat boy. Bless you. He was always our Christmas Seal..not this time.

Merry Xmas all...Cheers!