Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/2014 DB's Dailies (cpnt) West Side and Windward Side

The Benny at Nimitz
 awww Benny I don't know what to tell ya bud.... all the girls have left town
Pohaku at Paradise Cove

 Kaikaina at Turtle Bay

 sweet little girl


b said...

We been observing Benny all week..he keeps looking around, looking for his FRIENDS that once joined him as he molted.

This year, Kermit, Irma, R018, Lona, T21M and our beloved M an M are all missing or ... DEAD. I see benny all day long, he keeps s so sad to watch. I feel for him.

Last year, I forget what date, there were all six lined up at Plains. This year..we have lost so many seals..its totally sad.

We sit out there with Benny and I keep thinking of all those weeks we watched Kermit, Irma, R018, etc and now...they have disappeared.

My heart aches thinking of all the hours spent, documenting hookings, injuries, entanglement etc.

Where are our seals?????

Oh Benny...I hope you can just carry on..without all your buddies company. I look at you, see all your battle scars fighting with Kermit and the other males for M and M, Irma.

Life sure is tuff for our seals..this year has been one that is full of TRAGEDY..

We are there for you Benny..we will try our best to Protect you and the others that are left on earth. Promise.

That shot of Benny looking sad on the sand, was when he galumphed up the sand cliff, later on in the evening...he got to the top, looked, then just slid down and stayed lower on the sand. That face shot says it all...WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS???

We left Benny at 5:30pm..we saw the Homeless gathering at the restroom for a shower..and the dogs, loose, running where ever they please. Its always tuff to leave the seals for the night..especially when they decide to STAY. Good Luck Benny...seal ya in the am. We will be there for you.

madhatter said...

Poor Benny, I hope he finds some more friends to hang with. I just don't know about Irma, Kermit and M&M. I really hope with all of my heart that they have just found a nice quiet place to be. You just never know I keep hoping for the day when I read the blog and hear that they have returned.😯

That really sucks that DB 's equipment was stolen.
Some people have no shame.