Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17/2014 DB's Dailies (cont) Yesterday's News from Kauai

Thanks you Gary for sharing these great shot of RF28 and 8HY ..... I got to say.... seems like the seal kids on Kauai sure like hanging out in the brush.... I wouldn't be surprised to see one trying to climb a tree..... talk about camouflage.



Da Barbara said...

Thanks to Gary, for keeping us posted on the life of F28, Pohaku's 2nd son.

Those photos are precious, they look like two seals enjoying their time on earth, IN THE BUSHES.

Those were great shots of K36, he looks so handsome all molted..nice surprise to find him there huh?

We had gotten a call of an injured seal in Maili..We just came from Haupu RB24 and she seemed ok to me. She was on the reef, snoozing her heart away, she stretched a couple of times, I didnt see anything out of the ordinary at all. She must have pooped..sometimes it can look like blood. But we will certainly check her out again IF she is around.

I was wondering, is anyone reading the blog any more...or is everyone on FACEBOOK? Hmmmm...just I dont do FACEBOOK.

Hey George!!! Thanks for the beautiful bottle of SEA GLASS. I know that took many hours of ... walking the beaches to collect. I will treasure that bottle!!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying the blog almost daily for the last several months. I am a sometimes visitor to Oahu and am so intrigued by the seals. We saw one from a boat several years ago- just a fleeting glimpse of a head.

I had heard that monk seals are so named because they are solitary animals. It seems to me in looking at the blog that they may not be so solitary by nature. . . more due to the fact that there aren't so many of them to hang around with!

Thank you all for what you are doing to protect these beautiful animals.