Thursday, December 25, 2014

12/25/2014 Team Billand Update

 I imagine this is what many people looked like on the beaches today.... big belly up
 Big crowds at white plains.... 
 Benny looking over at some people who decided they need to bark at him
 Rip hanging out at the plains
 hanging out... Mr. Rip


madhatter said...

Benny and Rip a couple of cool seals. Did Benny find a lady seal yet?

barbara said...

Well Irma, Ewa Girl, M and M, Lona have all died or disappeared. On our side of the beaches, all we have are Haupu and Pohaku left. So it seems Benny keeps waiting for them to come, BUT THEY ARE...GONE.

I am sure RIP misses M we all do too.

Yesterday, DECEMBER 25th, 2014..we had NO HELP so we stayed at Plains most of the day and took care of these two males with the crazy crowds. It wasnt easy!!!

Rob and I kept going back and forth with each animal, yelling at folks to leave them be, go around. Many came into the zone, walking through, surf up to the animals, kids threw sand, kids pulling on ropes, kids in the zone. One mom was yelling at her kids to come back to shore...with the son yelling at her, SHUT UP, I'm trying to come back. I finally grabbed the sons board, TOLD HIM TO TAKE HIS LEASH OFF but he was so pissed at MOM. Both mom and I carried the board to shore, with the son attached to his bungie. Then...her daughter was coming next, walking right by Benny. I flagged the life guard for help.

With Rip, some jackass kept running in the zone, causing Rip to posture and ROAR at the kid. Another girl was stamping her feet for a reaction with RIP.

Well, in the end, RIP GOT SO PISSED, he galumphed off and we never saw him again.

We also managaed a quick search at KoOlina twice..with no seals just hundreds of Humans and dogs at Paradise Cove.

On days like a Holiday is when we need the most help..but, we just did all we could on CHRISTMAS DAY.

We didnt shop this year, we didnt put a tree out, didnt have enough time. But glad we PROTECTED ALL THE SEALS and gave em a chance to rest on shore. Rob and I feel for them...people do what they do to seals..I dont know why?

All folks need to understand, Hawaiian Monk Seals are native species, live in all of Hawaii, and WE ALL NEED TO SHARE THE BEACHES WITH THEM. NOT THROW SAND AT THEM, NOT YELL AT THEM TILL THEY LEAVE. Where is the kindness, the appreciation of a an endangered seal? What else can we do to improve a seal haul out? I dont know. WE keep trying all kinds of methods, but on crowded beaches, and only TWO PEOPLE..its tuff out there.

Well, another day of Protection coming on, I hope we can do our JOB. We'll be there for Rip and Benny, Pohaku, Haupu, Kolohe, as that is all....we got left on our side.

Cant wait for NEW YEARS DAY!!!

And thanks to the cabin folks in 1707..for that delicious appreciated.

Prayers to Sonnie and Eileen!

madhatter said...

I just don't understand I have been reading the blog for over a year, when I started there were many regulars and then all of a sudden they have disappeared I read so much about Irma, Kermit and M&M. What are the chances that they are somewhere else. Could they be at Niihau?
A place that they would be left alone.
Is it possible to get any volunteers from the military bases around? Has anyone ever had a informational presentation at any of the bases? Like they have set up before at other places. if the word gets out there could be more volunteers. Just trying to come up with a helpful idea. You guys are the best so caring to help the seals rest. Wish I was there to help!

Donna said...

@MADHATTER..... I know what you mean, and believe me I wish there were answers as to where all the regulars have gone.... It's bitter sweet.... We always had to see them pass on but at least there is closure.... not knowing really leaves the door open to anything. I too hope they are somewhere outer island is some quiet restful place.

I miss them, I miss their behavior patterns... I miss making up the love story between Kermit and Irma... and bad boy Benny.... I miss the majestic Ewa girl.... each one of them has their unique special place in my heart.

Thank you for following along, thank you for reaching out.

Dana said...

I guess I'm one of those half glass full people. On Christmas Eve Day we had lots of seals and full volunteer coverage, so some people did get to spend Chrstmas Eve with family. On Christmas Day we had two seals but minimal coverage. Some folks did go out. Team Billand always comes through, but so do many many many others.

Dana said...
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Dana said...

I guess I'm one of those people who see the glass as half full rather than empty. On 12/24 we had a lot more seals and FULL coverage for each and every one of them. Some people did get to have an early day and Christmas Eve with family because of these dedicated volunteers. Team Billand always pulls the hard core times and we love them for their dedication. I just want everyone to realize other people also make and did make a huge sacrifice to help the animals over the Christmas Holiday, including Christmas Day!