Sunday, December 7, 2014

Whale Wars' star offers reward in seal killing -

The reward has been added to — again.
Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and television show "Whale Wars" told The Garden Island today he's adding $5,000 to the reward in the search for those responsible for killing a monk seal pup on Kauai Nov. 30.
"I saw your article about the death of a monk seal pup," Watson told a TGI reporter. "Sea Shepherd would like to add $5,000 to the reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. The reward can be paid through the proper policing authority without the need for the person to publicly reveal their identity."
Sea Shepherd, out of Friday Harbor, Washington, has had a reward program in place for many years with positive results, Watson said. Its most recent reward of $11,500 New Zealand dollars for information on the clubbing of a 23 seal pups led to the arrest of the two men responsible.
The total reward through various agencies is now $25,000.

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DA BARBARA said...

This is FANTASTIC..everyone coming together to HELP GET THE MEAN PERON who killed little innocent RF58.


WE can not let this go by...RF58 needs us all...she will live on in our hearts because...WE ALL CARE!!!

I think of her every day...while sitting with a seal..I think to myself, HOW CAN ANYONE BEAT AN INNOCENT SEAL...SLEEPING ON SHORE..NOT CARING, NO REMORSE, NO .....HEART.

LITTLE INNOCENT RF58 is bringing all humans...TOGETHER TO FIGHT for her!!! THANKS all.

Flipper hugs, RF58...

Vera said...

Amazing, many thanks Paul!!