Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7-9-2013 Reef Runway N36 U'ilani

Aloha Good People

Yesterday during the tagging process the NOAA team gave Aileen the privilege in selecting the tag numbers for our weaner. Aileen has been a monk seal guardian now for a couple of years watching, reporting and looking after the monk seals that frequent the beach out by the airport. If it had not been for her we would have never known about Ewa Girls secret spot. For that we are truly grateful  Barbara mentioned Aileen was asked to come up with a name and wasn't sure, but on the way home Barb received a call from her while listen to music.... this song was playing and she decided U'ilani was the name for our weaner.  Here is the link to the music....  Listen while you look at the photos I took today of U'ilani!

After walking the beach for about and hour I spotted her off the shore line at a beach past the birthing beach heading towards Diamond Head
 This chubby girl hasn't skipped a beat... she found herself some lunch
 She spent a lot of time diving and stirring up the bottom... hmm she came up with some seaweed 
at least i think it's seaweed
 After hunting and diving for 45 minutes... she decided to haul out back at the birthing beach
Time for me to go and this little one get some rest.


barbara said...

Oh Donna, thanks for posting this...you made Eileen so happy and i am so very grateful.

Thanks for playing the song, I just cried hearing it all over again.

THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am glad you met up with.....U ilani, that sweet Hawaiian monk seal from HEAVEN. She is beautiful.

Glad you got to see her playing with stuff, same we saw YESTERDAY.

Wow, I feel AWESOME RIGHT NOW...I did play the song while looking at U ilani...its BEAUTIFUL...

I hope Eileen is reading the blog tonight...I can feel her...Hey Eileen...its U ilani...this is GREAT NEWS...

Love you U ilani...hugs to you Eileen, thanks for being there for the seals...AMEN!!!!!!!!!

Diga said...

Beautiful name, perfect choice, Eileen! So happy to have you out there to report on and look after the seals. Who knew the reef runway was such a popular place with monk seals?!

I don't think U'ilani has anything that looks like food in her mouth. These weaners sure like to investigate. Stay safe little one.

Diane G.

Laurie said...

Love the name! Beautiful seal pup with a beautiful name. ;)