Monday, July 29, 2013

7-29-2013 DB's Dailies:Irma&Kea@AD, UM&UF@RI, M&M@WP, Benny@KoOlina, Haupu&Kolohe@Maili, Buster&Ewa Girl@DH, 2UU@Ewa Beach

At 0600 on this stormy day we found Irma& Kea swimming in rough near shore waters to the east of the east end fence line. They would do a second such swim in afternoon. In between were 4 feeds, and lots of snoozin'. After consulting with many of my fellow AD's troops we decided on Kea as a name for the pup , which means white, because of mulitple white bleach marks. (I love love love this name.... I was hoping someone would come up with something fitting for this special little guy.... perfect!!!!)

Late in the day we dismantled the existing fence line and erected what Jeff referred to as a "Storm SPZ".
On a quick check of Rabbit Island I got a quick glimpse of an U/M at Seal Rock Inlet, and a small U/F with 2 red tags, at Rocky Right Beach. I lost visibility and no ID was possible.
At 1026 Team Billand reported M&M (R020) fronting #1708, White Plains. They also reported a shark attack to a Bodyboarder there, closing the beach. (I heard about the shark and immediately was hoping we didn't have any seals in the area... let's hope they stay away from any hungry sharks)
At 1100 the Billands reported Benny (RE74) at Lagoon #2, KoOlina. He would depart at 1115, but would show up at 1434 at Maili.
At 1215 Team Billand found Haupu (RB24) & Kolohe (RW22) at Maili. They would be joined by Benny.
Dera called at 1413 with the report of "N21" (Buster RV08) & "N2" (Ewa Girl RS00) at Beach Rd. Diamond Head.
Team Billand reported a call about 2 seals at Ewa Beach at 1817. Vera responded but the animals were gone.

Kea & Irma
Kea!  ( Ikea no me Kea.... okay bad joke) 
 Benny at Ko'Olina
 What the heck was that? Earthquake??? ( I have no idea what time this photo was taken, but since we had an earthquake today I thought what the heck). 
 hmmm storm flossie... sharknado
 oops sorry no sharknado
 Kolohe and Haupu


Alice said...

Omg! Great captions today Donna. You always make my day 😀. I love the name Kea....good job everybody. I'm glad to see that everyone made it through the day safe and sound from Flossie .

barbara said...

There was one seal on shore from before 10am yesterday...M and M R020.
She was roped off per lifeguards, before we got there.

We had three other seals to take care of so we left M and M on her own.

It was said, the boogie boarder was bitten by a shark around 2:10pm. And about 50 yards off shore. Man yelled for help, shark bit his calf area, the man kept swimming to shore himself. Shark seen thrashing man about. He is now in serious condition, M and M was still out there when we checked at 2:38pm, JUST AFTER THE SHARK ATTACK. We wondered why all the surfers were driving off and then we saw the SHARK SIGHTING sign near M and M. Lifeguards clearly up set with the attack, one expressed he never seen anything like it at White Plains.

Since the beach was closed to all, we left M and M with signs and no ropes. NO one was allowed anywhere near the water...hope the young man is ok. SPOOKY STUFF. Seems we been more aware of sharks out there in the past 2 years.

Hope our seals remain safe....