Thursday, July 18, 2013

7-18-2013 Late day entry

Yes.... it's Ko'Olina Diane sending her pics in of Pohaku... she reported her to be alone most of the day. 
 and at last rip hauls out


Laurie said...

Yup, Mr. Rip came looking for her around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. I found out I'm not very good at running in sand and am very out of shape. I had to run from where Pohaku was to where Rip was heading(closer to the luau) a to tell people to get out of the water. Kids were heading back in yelling 'mom look at the seal'. Parents were doing their best to get kids out of the way. Then Mr Rip decided to head to the other side. He finally found her, after almost swimming past. They had a few words, hers were more quiet than I expected. He rolled around on top of her belly a bit, she hit him a few times, then they settled down and fell asleep. Cute buggers, but still no impressed that he's cheating on Miss M&M.

Victoria Sgro Konopka said...

I took over the night shift for Rip and Pohaku and they were on the sand untill abaout 6.30 and decided to enter the water as the luau was getting ready for the hukilau. They fough, swam, were vocal. They are for sure trying to mate. They gave everyone a good show. They were in the water for over an hour. Rip cornered her in the rocky cove and after 20 min finally swam off. It was amazing to watch! And all the luau guests were awesome and so understanding! I had so much fun.

barbara said...

Thanks Laurie, Vicki, Diane and whoever else went to take care of the seals at Paradise Cove.

It was quite busy on our second check out there...waves rough, tide high, lots of folks in and out of water.

All you guys did so good and your work and watchful eyes are appreciated.

Seeing seals in action is quite exciting, so glad you were out there to monitor things.

I had told Diane, be on the lookout for Benny or Rip as they might be coming in looking for that hot seal..POHAKU. And Rip did...YIKES.

We had found Pohaku ALONE at 6:40AM. We made a perimeter and educated until, DIANE arrived...

Didnt find any seals at Paradise Cove this am...nor Lani's, nor Secrets, or Lagoon 1. Good.

Who knows where they will show up again...I know Pohaku is tired of Rip...she wants some...REST...poor thing.

Thanks all!!!!!!!!!

Dana said...

Aloha & Thank you everyone for such an awesome job during my absence. Great teamwork from all the NOAA folks, volunteers, and Karen Banes. I've heard she did a terrific job and I am so grateful for her signing up and taking on the coordinator job.

Great to be home with warm Hawaiian sunshine. It was darn cold every day at TMMC. Learned a lot and even got to babysit the new pup yesterday. I have to say one of THE cutest pups I have ever seen. Thank you to the Ko'olina crews and all you people pulling double and triple shifts. Mahalo.