Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7-2-2013 Tuesday Morning with Ewa Girl, Pup and Kekoa

When I arrived it looked like Kekoa was just hauling out he went up to the grass line and went into snooze mode for the entire two hours... the boy is looking mighty green.
EG and pup were in the water when I arrived, in fact I thought it was two adults... until I saw the big round white belly....
They spent about 20 minutes lolling about in the shallows.... then hauled out... the kid was looking for lunch... then the rains came... and EG galumphed up to the grassy area ... the kid followed fed some more. Once the rain subsided the both turned around facing the shore and moved down... EG stopped and buried her head and the sand... the kid kept going into the water.... seemed it dawned on mom that something was missing... she bolted for the water head erect looking for chunky monk.... they spent the rest of the time lolling about kid was attempting her diving techniques. All and all a good day except for being a little soggy.
 Mom and pup
 She's getting huge
 Roll over mom
 and then the rains came
 Pup heading for water - Kekoa in foreground and EG far right
 mom going after the kid... Kekoa slept through the whole thing

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