Saturday, July 20, 2013

7-20-2013 DB's Dailies:

At 0600 we arrived at the AD’s pup site to find Irma (R010)(D#16)& pup snoozin’ at last nights location within the SPZ. At 0634 the pup began to stir, and at 0646 they did a feed. They started down at 0729, and ultimately made their way across the rock flats toward the east where they slipped into the water at 0835. The pool they were in was just east of the east end fence line. I put up a temporary cordon with signs and rope, to extend the SPZ, and thankfully at 0958 they hauled out and made their way back to the original starting point. I don’t have the log book at this writing so I’m unaware of any other happenings until 1613 when on duty volunteers Vikki & Nic called with the dreaded news that they had entered the water, and began swimming east, at 1550, hauling out to the beach very near their original tide pool spot, approximately 200 ft east of today’s starting point, at 1613. Marilyn, Gayle & I all arrived at more or less the same time, and along with Vikki & Nic, set to the dismantling of the SPZ and the reconstruction of new one, beginning at 1625 and completely the task at 1730. To all involved... Ya’ Done Good !!!
The highlight of the day came at 0850 with a call from posse member Lauray, calling for the wilds somewhere between the Mokuleia side Ka’ena Point parking lot, and KP. She reported "N11" and "N9" together. N9 is Ka’ena (RO40), and N11 of course is non other than ROCKY!!! (RH58). This is the first sighting of Rocky on Oahu since she weaned her pup on Thursday.  Lauray sent photos, and IDs are correct. I can't seem to do anything with the shots, but hopefully Donna will be able to add them to the blog. Check in the morning.

Marilyn, Lesley & Ken did the KP trek and at 1030 found Kerby (RW08), and little RL42 near the runway, at the point.

Irma and Pup - I know it's an early morning shot... but the black fur is starting to look a little reddish/brown
 Galumph like this.... watch me.

 Kerby and RL42
 Come on and play!
 the water is warm....
 hmmm okay then i will take a nap with you
 kerby is cool with little RL42 
 Kerby's tail

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