Sunday, July 21, 2013

7-21-2013 DB's Dailies:

At 0600 as usual, we found Irma&Pup (D#17) snoozin’ 30 ft east of the west end fence line. We strung a temporary rope and sign cordon and waited for Irma to come up with a plan. At 0615 the kid woke up and they did a feed. The began moving down at 0654 and were in their tide pool, fronting the then existing west end fence line at 0703. They did a 2 hr session and then with Irma leading the way, galumphed out to the rock flats to the west of the pool, which again required a movement of the temporary arrangement, followed by Marilyn ,Lesley, Marie,Kimo and myself extending the new west end perimeter fencing out another 100 ft or so to the west. Further galumphing on the rising tide rock flats kept them moving west. Once again we did a temporary cordon out another couple of hundred feet. We were hoping that an afternoon water session would take them back toward the east, like yesterday, but alas they did not move so at 1715 Marilyn, Vikki & Nic and myself began another extension of the permanent west side fencing, finishing around 1800. Thank you Caryn Hashimoto for our new tent . Carol Cox’s home base from 2 years ago was pretty ragged.
Barbara Billand left Robert behind, just as Marilyn does with me, and ventured off on the Ka’ena Point trek. Barbara reported an U/U in the water on the west side trail. There was a visible transmitter patch on the back but I haven’t had time to analyze it yet. At the 20 min in mark she found Benny (RE74). She found nobody at the point, but on the way home encountered RL42 at Makua Cliffs.
At 1000 the daily Buster call came from Ocean Safety, reporting a new arrival to the east end of Sandy Beach. Of course upon arrival I found Buster (RV08). I cordoned him off and he remained until 1810. Thank you Gayle for baby sitting our boy and advising of his departure.
The above mentioned Gayle also called at 1205 to report Kaiwi at Spitting Cave.
My Rabbit Island time has been severely curtailed what with Irma & Buster duty, but today I got there at 1426 to find an U/U at the far left end. It was of adult size, but gave me absolutely nothing to go on and never moved. On a pan at 1432 I found a small , very green, female, with 2 red tags just hauling out to Rocky Right Beach on RI. Though I suspect that it was Aukai, I can’t state that as fact. Maybe tomorrow ????
Dana called at 1100 with the report of "N31", La’akea (RK82) being seen at Turtle Bay.
Cianna called at 1203 with a report from Eileen advising that she had seen U’ilani at the Reef Runway.
Cianna called again at 1400 with the report of an animal near Camp Erdman on the NS. The animal was no longer there when volunteers arrived.

At 1752 Cianna called once again with the report of an animal at Punaluu. Dana checked in at 1826 to advise that a volunteer had reported "7GY" there. That would be our old timer, male, T21M.

 Day 17 Pup and Mom 
 and the puparazzi are out in full force
 UU unidentified/unknown at Ka'ena point  
 geesh she blends right in

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barbara said...

The last photo is of Miss L42 at Makua Cliffs...she was alone, got washed around by a large wave, and then, she galumphed up and over the rocks to continue her....SNOOZE.

She is going to be one soon...and she is looking nice and plump, very GREEN. It was pure luck to see her way out there, but some how, I turned and looked in the right direction...OH YEAH!!!!!!

Mr Benny was in his cruiser mode, came to the area, sniffed around, looked and continued on like he had a mission in finding....a chick. Wouldnt ya know, I only found seals on my return trip...and NOT AT THE POINT...only humans and like 25 pickup trucks along my journey.

Right at the point, I spotted a lovely...mocking bird in a bush...

I cant believe it but there were six loose dogs as well...SIX. But they were before the point site...still NO DOGS ALLOWED RIGHT?

Enjoy all the pup shots...he is growing too fast, just love all those cute white marks...seems he keeps Irma and all volunteers...quite...BUSY!!!!