Thursday, July 11, 2013

7-11-2013 DB's Dailies:

We arrived at AD’s at 0600 to find Irma&Pup 2 ft from the upper east side fence line, in snooze mode. We began adjusting the cordon immediately. 3 ½ hours later we have a new east end perimeter. Irma&Pup moved down and into the tide pool at 0754. They did not haul out again until 0921. They moved up a body length above the rocks and from 1006 till 1015, did a feed. At 1022 a loose dog got right up to them and Irma postured and barked. The owner ran into the SPZ and retrieved the dog and leashed it. I spoke with him in the aftermath and he was very apologetic.

According to the log, the pup got wet once more, and there were 4 more feed. There were some east side pole problems in this heavy wind. I'll address that in the morning.
At 0727 Gayle called with the report of Buster (RV08) at Spitting Cave.
Karen B. called at 0940 with the report of an animal at Lanai Lookout. Gayle would later confirm the Kaiwi (RK96) ID, at Buster Flats.
Team Billand checked in at 1215 with the report of U’ilani (RN36) foraging off shore of the Reef Runway, while mama, Ewa Girl (RS00) snoozed at the birth beach.
At 1455 Team Billand called from the 20 min. mark on the Waianae side , KP trail with the report of R912.
Cianna checked in at 1512 to advise that she had gotten a text about an U/U at Bath Tub Beach in Laie. The animal had apparently been there since around 10 but was reported to be departing at 1512.

Molokai Di sent photos of RH42 on Molokai, sporting a probable new Tiger Shark bite. Gross as it appears, these animals have proved time and time again that they can recover from such things.

Irma and pup 
 RH42 on Molokai 
 poor thing... got a pain in the butt

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