Friday, July 12, 2013

7-12-2013 DB's Dailies:Irma&Pup@AD, Kainoa@RI, Buster&Kaiwi@SC, Buster@DH

At 0600 we found Irma & Pup (R010) (D#8), approximately 20 ft from the pathway fence, in snooze mode. Some work was required on two of the east end poles. Irma & pup did a feed at 0640, and after a short after breakfast snooze they began their march to the see at 0747, moving down and into the tide pool. They remained there until 0930. They moved up to just above the water line and were still in snooze mode when I departed at 1000. We’ve been getting pretty good looks at the belly, and indications are that it is probably a male. Thea, the only NOAA employee I could contact also was of the opinion that it was a male. 
Gayle called at 0738 with the report of Buster (RV08) at Spitting Cave. She would report Kaiwi joining him at 0752.
At 0805 Team Billand called with the report of Haupu (RB24) at west end of Nimitz Beach.
Ocean Safety called at 0925 with the report of an animal at Yokes. Team Billand would confirm the 2AW ID at 1126.
At 1208 Ocean Safety called again to report an animal hauling out at Makaha. Team Billand would confirm the Benny (RE74) ID at 1228.
At 1214 Barbara called from the 20 minute mark on the Waianae side Ka’ena Point trail with the report of R912, again today.
At 1507 Team Billand reported Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point.
Cianna called at 1542 with the report of an animal at Diamond Head, near the Lighthouse. She called back at 1619 to advise that the called had reported and "N21" on the animal. That be Buster (RV08). Irma auntie Vikki Konopka responded ..Thank You..............very much , and confirmed the Buster (RV08) ID. Buster departed at 1830.

At 1557 I found Kainoa (RN04) at Rocky Right Beach, on Rabbit Island.
So far this is my fav shot... little white flippers flopped over his little chest
 peanut head
 mom time for a swim! 
 look ma i can do it it! 
 is it lunch yet
 Buster at diamond head
 Buster and Kaiwi at Spitting Cave 
 looks like they were having some fun

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