Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7-24-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma&Pup(D#20)@AD, Kaiwi@SC, Buster@SB, Kolohe@RI, Rocky@Kaimana,Haupu@Maili Beach Park

When we arrived at 0600 to AD’s we found Irma & Pup (D#20), already in the water and 60 -70 ft east of the middle fence. At 0626 with Irma in the lead they began heading back to the west, hauling out to the rock flats fronting the tent, at 0638, and did a feed from 0639 - 0718. A snooze session followed, with another feed from 0800 - 0820, then back to snooze. They were doing a feed again at 0950. I departed shortly thereafter. The log indicates that Irma and pup ventured outside the tide pool again today, but returned to the tide pool after a brief adventure. They did 2 additional feeds and lots of snoozin’.
Anticipating the usual 1000 Buster (RV08) haul out I swung through Sandy Beach at 1002, and sure enough there was my boy in the shallows, near the outfall. He would haul out after several minutes, and I cordoned him off. He has remained the rest of the day. Buster departed at 1911.
Gayle called at 1105 with the report of an animal that would prove to be Kaiwi (RK96) doing 6-7 minute dives at Spitting Cave.
At 1429 I found Kolohe (RW22) at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island.
At 0630 Dana called to advise that Rocky (RH58) was once again reported at Kaimana Beach. I had no further word until this evening looking at blog comments I saw something from Vikki saying that she and hubby Nick had seen Rocky around 0730. She had been cordoned off by lifeguards or HPD ???. The crowds were too close, and Rocky departed shortly after their arrival. Thanks guys....ya’ done good !
Team Billand reported Haupu (RB24) at Tumbleland, Maili Beach Park, at 1356.
Also at 1356 the Billands advised that there had been an animal reported at Waikomo’s but when Debbie arrived the animal was gone.

Last but definitely not least, Happy 1st Birthday to RL42 !!!

Irma and Pup
 Happy 1st Birthday RL42 !!!!
 Rocky at Waikiki... Yellow caution tape was placed by HPD before volunteers arrived
 I guess Rocky decided she didn't want to be in the SPZ... she likes living on the edge
 Hauupu @ Maili Beach

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