Monday, July 8, 2013

7-8-2013 DB's Dailies: Kolohe@RI, Irma&Pup@AD's(D#4), RIP&Pohaku@Waikomo's, Buster@KCG,EwaGirl and RN36@RR

At 0600 I arrived to find Irma&Pup within the SPZ. They were doing a feed that witnesses said began at 0545. They were done by 0630. At 0730 they moved down to the water's edge, and partially into the inlet just east of the tide pool they've been using. Both got wet, but never really entered the water. They moved up slightly for the first of 3 observed feeds.  All was quiet until 0800 when an unattended dog came right up to Irma &Pup . My shouting ran it off, and I would later see the dog (leashed) with owner well to the west.
At 1240 with the tide rising, Irma & Pup were inundated by a rogue wave which washed the pup out about 20 ft. Irma freaked, but the pup got washed back onto the rocks next to their location. She talked the pup back over the rocks to her side. They move moved up after that experience.
Kimo gave me a little break on my double shift, so I could go check Rabbit Island. At 0911 I found Kolohe (RW22) at the left end of RI.
Team Billand reported RIP (RR70)& Pohaku (RO28) at Waikomo's on the west side. They were gone when volunteer Debbie arrived at 1100, but hauled out again, further down the beach.
Toni Russ reported a swimmer in Ewa Beach at 0700, and Cianna reported a swimmer in the White Plains area at 1037. Though never sighting provided an ID, the Billands found Buster (RV08) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds at 1528.
The Billands were at the Reef Runway today with the tagging team. They found Ewa Girl a bit further down the beach, and the team gave her daughter her new RN36 tags.

 This kid is full of spots... wonder if there's a Hawaiian word for polka dots...  or maybe instead it just be puka dots lol!
peanut head 
 Irma lost your kid?
 You think she would have learned from all the scares with Kaiwi
 Safe and sound
 Ewa Girl RS00 .... 
 A well deserved rest for Ewa Girl
 Here's our chunky girl now tagged RN36/37
 She doesn't seem affected at all
 Her new bling
 Eileen our reef runway lookout!!! and NOAA's tag team!
 Buster @ Kalaeloa
 Rip and Pohaku - she seems to cover her face in sand alot... is she hiding?


barbara said...

I love Aileen Ramos with my soul, she is a decent human being and has so much love for the Hawaiian Monk Seals that visit the Reef Runway.

She looks out for the seals, gets folks back who get too close to the site, she is...a beautiful person.

I love Ewa Girls Pup..she is so beautiful, a real character, Sweet, funny and a busy body out there, alllll by herself. A princess..who finds toys from MAN in the sea. She had so much stuff today...and she was fierce flying whatever she had..she was CUTE.

May she have a safe life...THANKS are a very special lady to Robert and Me and all the seals that come to you. HUGS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible that I hit the "send" key on this daily before going back to add an important paragraph. Aileen/Eileen ? had come up with the name Ui-Lani (Heavenly,young,beauty), and I wholeheartedly agreed with her choice. I simply forgot to add that to what I'd already written. Irma duty is eating up what few remaining brain cells I have left.DB