Thursday, September 29, 2016

HMMA Update from September 28th

At 0500 Steve checked in with a report of Rocky (RH58) at Kaimana Beach. Rocky was making her way toward the shoreline and by 0735 she departed. At 0530 a report came in about a seal at Puka Pants Beach. Barbara could not make an ID due to the seal's departure. At 0806 Don received word that a Honey Girl (R5AY) was in Hauula across from the fire station. Diane responded and confirmed the Honey Girl ID. At 0909 a report came in about a small swimming seal at McKenzie Beach at Turtle Bay. Dr. Tom believed the seal to be Lei Ola. Karen T. responded and confirmed the Lei Ola ID. Lei Ola remained at the same location when Don and Zoe checked on her at 1454. At 0927 a report came in about an unknown seal swimming in the bay at Turtle Bay near the pool side of the hotel. Karen T. responded but found no seal. At 1556 a report came in about a seal in Laie across from PCC. Don responded and found Ipo (RI37). At 1739 a report came in about a swimming seal in Kuilima Cove. No ID could be made at the time of initial sighting.

 At 1012 Don checked in via email with a report of RK36 at Hidden Beach at Kaena Point. He was making the trek out with Zoe. At 1305 Zoe checked in via email with a report of Kaena (RO40) and RW02 in the tide pools at Kaena Point. Diane checked in via email. She responded to a text by Don for R5AY at Hau'ula across from fire station. At 0930, Honey Girl was high up on the beach and visible from the street. Honey Girl was still there when Diane was relieved by Jennifer at 1400.

 Karen T. checked in via email from McKenzie Pool. Karen responded to a report of a seal at McKenzie Pool at 0952. Dr. Tom reported that he had seen a bright red object in the seal's mouth. When Karen arrived the object was gone and she was foraging normally, emerging once with a stick. Lei Ola hauled out at 1025.


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