Monday, September 5, 2016

HMMA Update from September 4th

The morning began at 0535 with a report of a seal at Paradise Cove. Barbara ID'ed Pohaku (RO28). It is believed she overnighted. At 0711 Marilyn checked in with a report of Kawena (RH36) at Allen Davis. Kawena was initially found in the Kaloko Inlet. Later Kawna would move under the bridge near Kalanianaole Highway at the very back of the inlet. Finally, she hauled out at ADs about 400 yards east of the AD parking lot at 1043. Colleen checked in at 0800 with a report of 2 seals at the Outrgger Canoe Club. She ID'ed Rocky (RH58) and Kaiwi (RK96). Colleen noted that Rocky has started molting. At 0852 an unknown seal was reported at Kaena Point. There were a few people around, but everyone stayed back and gave the seal space. At 1621 Ralph reported Benny (RE74) hauling out with Pohaku at Paradise Cove. Ralph noted that Benny appears to have a hook and some fishing line hanging out of his mouth. NOAA was notified.

 Melina stopped by Paradise Cove at 0555 to check on Pohaku. She appears to have started molting. Melina will swing by after work and check on her at 1645 after work. Melina noted some footprints in the sand that were very close to Pohaku. She was sleeping and doing okay.

 Marilyn checked in via email after her shift with Kawena. She noted some concerns about the dirty water and debris that is in the water at the inlet. Marilyn will take trash bags with her and at the next opportunity will bring out as much trash as possible. Marilyn also noted that many dogs also swim in the inlet. Mahalo Marilyn!

 Melina checked in again via email after receiving word from Ralph of a possible hooked Benny at Paradise Cove. Melina arrived after work to find volunteer Zuly helping to keep people away from Benny while he moved his mouth around in the water. The beach was crowded with many people drinking and many young kids unsupervised. Volunteer Robyn was on sand providing outreach to people on the beach. Pohaku was asleep. Dana came out to assist throughout the day. We four adjusted the seal zone and provided outreach to many people. Then the pouring rain came. Jon arrived to assess the situation. Mike from NOAA arrived later and managed to cut some fishing line away from Benny's body. It was getting dark. Melina advised she will return to PC by 0545 on Sept. 5th to check on Benny and Pohaku and will call the hotline if Benny is there. Robyn will take my place at 0615 when I go to work. Other volunteers were already getting ready to help for the next day. Awesome work everyone!!!

Benny with some fish line wrapped around his tail

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