Thursday, September 22, 2016

HMMA Update from September 21st

At 0602 a report came in about a seal at Depots Beach. Caller believed it to be Pohaku but could not confirm the ID. Barbara called at 0624 to confirmed the Pohaku ID. Melina responded. Pohaku would depart at 1046. At 1203 a report came in about a seal at Zablan. No ID could be made at the initial sighting. At 1235 a report came in about a seal at the Keiki Pool. Don responded and ID'ed Lei Ola (RH48). At 1247 a report came in about a seal at the Outrigger Canoe Club. Brittany responded and confirmed the Kaiwi (RK96) ID.

 Melina checked in via email. She responded to a report of Pohaku at Depots Beach. Pohaku slept with a few big surges of water rushing over her, waking her up briefly. Melina put up 5 signs at 0755. She departed at 0930 and came back around 1045, she spoke with the initial caller who reported Pohaku departing back into the water after a big wave washed over her. Melina waited to see if Pohaku would return. She checked Puka Pants Beach but no sign of her.

 Carola checked in via email. She searched Velzyland beach and stopped by Kawela beach with no sign of any seals. Then she checked Turtle Bay Hotel beach up to Marconi. Lei Ola had just hauled out on the far west side of Keiki Pool when Carola arrived at 1230. Carola departed at 1500. Lei Ola remained sleeping in same spot.


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