Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9/14/2016 Aunty Lesley Has GREAT News... Our Little MIA Weaner is Found

I went down early this morning to check on R303 "BG" & RN58 "Luana" both had left. The tide was very low, sand shifted from the beaches and Birth Beach was great for shelling. I was distracted picking shells when I heard a little snort coming from hugging rock (both RL42 & RN58 "Luana" hugged the rock after weaning), as I turned around,to my surprise there was our little MIA RH32 "Ka'ale" playing on the waterline. I moved up the beach and watched him till he decided to haul out. Making three very happy aunties - with sore legs from walking miles and miles for the past 7 days, on soft sand beaches looking for him. Aloha, Lesley

THANK YOU !!  for sharing this fantastic news!

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Madhatter said...

So glad he was found safe and sound!