Friday, September 23, 2016

9/23/2016 DB's Dailies: Kea&Unk J/F@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Paradise Cove, Kaiwi@Outrigger, RIP&Kerby@30min, Luana@Ka'ena Point, KC@Kauai & Nihoa at Mokuleia

At 0819 I found an Unknown J/F just moving down from the grass, toward the water line, 40 ft right of 3BS, on Rabbit Island. She would enter the water at 0835. No ID could be made.

 Also at 0819 I found what would prove to be Kea (N46) partially visible up in the tall grass behind Seal Rock Inlet on RI.

 On a pan at 1227 I found a newly arrived J/F hauling out to the left end rock flats. Though I believe this to be the same unknown female from this morning, I can’t state that as fact at all.

 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove, at 0715.

 At 1320 Barbara reported RIP (RR70) at the 30Min mark on the west side KP trail. He would later be joined by Kerby (RW08).

 At 1426 she reported Luana (RN58) at Ka’ena Point.

 At 1641 Colleen advised that Kaiwi (RK96) had been at Outrigger today.

 Val Bloy send along more shots of a newly molted KC (RK28) on Kauai.

 Reliable sources had been making contact this afternoon, but a note from a posse member, stating that KHNL had the story, confirmed what I had been hearing. Nihoa (R912) had been found dead this afternoon at Mokuleia. As is Always the case, it is a verrrrry sad day. Awaiting word on the necropsy results. First identified on Nihoa in 2011, hence the name (thank you Lesley), she then made her way to Oahu. She has given us 3 pups that we are aware of. First , RL42 in 1012, then Luana (RN58) and then Ka’ale (RH32) just this year. Us ol’ dogs that have been with her from the beginning as well as all of you that have spent countless hours with her and her pups, are greatly saddened to say the least.
To all the volunteers who have looked over Nihoa the past couple of years, especially on the west side... I am so sorry for this loss. My heart is with you. <3 

 pretty much how i felt when i heard about Nihoa
I know .... I saw those people with the silly masks
Thank you our pal Val for keeping us updated on KC 


Madhatter said...

Sorry to hear about Nihoa, so sad. RIP Nihoa.

b said...


I saw the news, they showed her...I waited to see the news again, but the story was not told any more.


My heart aches with sadness. We have known her since coming to Oahu and followed her journey ever since.

I cant believe that seal, so strong a female is DEAD.

I journeyed out to Kaena Pt to find her, I wanted to see her MOLTED. I kept thinking, she will show up soon, she should be over her molt. I never seen her once.


Will we ever know what happened to this great MOM of L42, Luana and Ka ale???

My heart is beating, a slow pace, HURTING INSIDE AND OUT. SHE WAS MY HERO. Survived a hooking when she first got to Oahu. TOssed the hook herself. GOT BIT BY A SHARK, survived. Had all her beautiful pups...went into her molt and now...SHE IS FOUND DEAD.


God bless you Nihoa, once known as 761...we will truly miss you. I am sorry for what ever happened to YOU. You will be with me always!!! I am proud to have met you.

I hope all your pups have a better FUTURE. AMEN!!!!