Monday, September 5, 2016

9/5/2016 DB's Dailies:

Marilyn found Kawena (RH36) in the inlet at AD at 0719. She would haul out near her birth beach at 0754, and a SRA was established.

 Though I arrived at Makai Pier for a Rabbit Island day, it would be 1335 before anybody showed up. I would end of having 2 juvenile, unknowns. The first arrived at 1335. New coat, small size, 2 red tags. The 2nd arrived at 1414. Again, probable juvenile size, with 2 red tags, but this one had a slightly older coat with some algae build up. They gave me nothing else to work with. Maybe tomorrow???

 My day began at 0445 with a Team Billand call, advising that Benny (RE74) & Pohaku (RO28) were at Paradise Cove. As of yesterday evening it was established that Benny had picked up hook. Mike from NOAA managed to remove 20 ft of line last night, but the hook was not visible. The NOAA team was alerted and HMMA personnel arrived, however Benny would departed at 0555. My only source was the Billands today, who scoured the west side but alas did not see Benny again. They did, however , find Nihoa (R912) at Maili Guard Rails. I’ve heard nothing more that the west side.

 A Colleen Heyer text at 0652 brought word that Kaiwi (RK96) & Rocky(RH58) remained at Outrigger Canoe Club. She also provided a shot of Rocky’s D#2 molt. I’ve heard nothing further, but did find some Instagram photos of the duo.

 Karen Turner had spent the morning with Lei Ola (RH32) at the Keiki Pool, and at 1345 a Diane T. text advised that she was with Lei Ola (RH32) at the Keiki Pool. It sounded like the rough water conditions were making live difficult for her, however Diane advised that she finally hauled out to the right of the Keike Pool at 1429.
 Juvenile #1 
 Juvenile #2 
Kaiwi and Rocky
 Rocky day 2 of molt
 Pohaku and Benny
 Lei Ola
 This kid is on a sea cucumber diet

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