Saturday, September 3, 2016

9/3/2016 DB's Dailies:

I hung in there as long as I could at Makai Pier, but the white water on my lanai office was gettin’ sketchy so I departed midday. Rabbit Island was once again Monk Seal free during the observation period.

 At 1135 on a routine check of SE quadrant spots I pulled into “Crappy Cove”, the rubble cove at the back entrance to Sandy Beach, and lo and behold there was Kolohe (RW22). Just seconds later Marilyn pulled in, having responded to an HMMA Hotline call. Together we put up the SRA (Seal Resting Area)( too!) A Marilyn text at 1350 advised that the driftwood telephone pole Kolohe had been snoozin’ behind had washed away. Kolohe remains.Marilyn’s shots of a centipede crawling up Kolohe’s body turns my blood cold. There are some serious water conditions going on today. A Marilyn text at 1404 advised that Kolohe had departed !

 At 0540 Team Billand called to say that they’d gotten a Paradise Cove, security call about 2 animals at PC. When they got there ate 0554 they confirmed the Benny (RE74)&Pohaku(RO28) ID. Benny would depart at 0810, but Pohaku remained. At 0852 the Billands confirmed that Pohaku has begun her molt.

 Marilyn was out the door at 0600 for the AD check. She and Gina finally found Kawena (RH36) at 0829 and put up the SRA. On her afternoon shift Marilyn found Kawena at the east end of AD. At 1740 she entered the water, moving east.

 A Colleen text at 0734 advised that Rocky(RH58)&Kaiwi(RK96) were still at Outrigger Canoe Club, in Waikiki. Colleen’s excellent shots documented a coupla’ new dings on Rocky. A left side new scar just behind the shoulder hump, and a new scar right on top of her existing right shoulder pit scar. Thanks Colleen , ya’ done good !

 At 1031 Team Billand found Kerby (RW08)&Nihoa(R912) together again at Maili Guard Rails. Looks like my boy could be in the running for next year’s daddy !

 A Barbara call at 1400 advised that she had found RL42 at the 40 min mark on the west side KP trail.
Chris, one of the Billand’s posse, sent them shots of R5AY in Hauula. He said he met Don out there. 

Found Instagram shots of a female at MCBH. Rumor has it that it was Right Spot (R016).

 Carola checked in late in the day to advise that she had RK36, BG (R303)&Ka’ale(RH32) at Mokuleia.

 very ambitious
 Glad he didn't move
Kaiwi and Rocky 
 Rocky and Kaiwi
 Right spot on Marine Corp Base
 Pohaku and Benny
 Nihoa and Kerby
 silly seal

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