Wednesday, September 14, 2016

HMMA Update September 13th

At 0550 a report was made about a seal at Secret Beach at Koolina. Barbara ID'ed Ipo (RI37). It is believed she overnighted. Ipo would depart Koolina at 1710. At 0820 a report came in about a seal east of the Mokuleia Birth Beach. Lesley ID'ed RK36 by tag 4DJ. Susie checked in at 0822 with a report of Kaiwi (RK96) at the Outrigger Canoe Club. She is about 80% molted. At 0920 a report came in about a seal at the south end of Maili Beach Park. Melina responded and ID'ed Pohaku (RO28). Barbara also ID'ed Pohaku at 1005. She stated Pohaku is now 90% molted. At 0956 a report came in about a seal at Turtle Bay west of Mackenzie's. Dr. Tom ID'ed Lei Ola (RH48). At 1116 Lei Ola moved further west. At 1440 Don arrived and was unable to find Lei Ola. At 1214 a report came in about a seal at Kaupo. DB ID'ed Right Spot (R016) at 1254. Jon checked in at 1450 to report Right Spot's departure. At 1422 a report came in about a seal at the Hale Koa Hotel. Jon responded and ID'ed Rocky (RH58). ID was made by her left fore flipper bleach. Carola checked in at 1450 reporting Luana (RN58) at Mokuleia Birth Beach. She found Nihoa (R912) at Hidden Beach at Kaena Point at 1619. Nihoa is about 20% molted. Carola checked back in at 1811 with a report if BG (R303) joining Luana at Mokuleia Birth Beach.

 Melina checked in via email. She responded to Maili beach park at 0950. Melina found Pohaku (RO28) hauled out about 300 feet to right of Maili Cove apartment. She is almost finished molting. It appears that only her hind flippers have small areas to molt. Melina put up 6 signs and stayed until 1055. She checked on Pohaku on her way home at 1205. Pohaku departed prior to her arrival.

 Carola checked in via email from Mokuleia and Kaena Point. Carola found Luana (RN58), she was hidden in the rocks at her birth beach at 1450. Luana was still sleeping in the same spot when I stopped back on my way home at 1815. Nihoa (R912) was at Hidden Beach. She moved further up on the beach and out of the waves before Carola left. Only a few people out and about, it was raining most of the time therefore people stayed up on trail. A couple of guys had put their towels down near her they told me, about 10 m away, not even noticing there was a seal. When they discovered her, they moved further away from Nihoa. The guys were respectful of the animal. Carola checked back on Luana and was hoping to find Ka’ale. Carola did not find Ka'ale but did find BG (R303) hauled out about 10 m east of where the east fence used to be. Eventually she ended up on top of the white rocks on her back, all blended in and barely visible.

 RH48 Lei Ola

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