Sunday, September 4, 2016

HMMA Update from September 3rd

The morning began with report of 2 seal at Paradise Cove. Barbara would ID Benny (RE74) and Pohaku (RO28). Benny was on the water line pacing back and fourth but Pohaku did not seem interested. Barbara called back to report Pohaku has started molting.
At 0700 Colleen reported 2 seals at the Outrigger. She ID'ed Kaiwi (RK96) and Rocky (RH58).
Don checked in at 0800 with a report of Honey Girl (R5AY) at her usual Hauula haulout location. She would depart back into the water at 1300.
At 0808 a report came in about a seal hauled out at Pyramid Rock at MCBH. Anissa responded and found Right Spot (R016).
Marilyn checked in at 0827 with a report of Kawena (RH36) west of the Alan Davis birth beach.
At 0938 Karen T. checked in with a report of Lei Ola (RH48) at the Keiki Pool.
At 1027 a report was made about a large seal at Sandy's Beach. Marilyn and DB checked in with a report of Kolohe (RW22). Kolohe was back in the water around 1357.
Carola checked in from Mokuleia at 1629. She ID'ed Ka'ale (RH32) on the rocks east of the birth beach. RK36 was ID'ed by his 4DJ tag 15 feet east of Ka'ale. BG (R303) spotted 100 yards east of RK36.
At 1913 a few reports came in about a small seal near Sandy's in the tide pools. It was too dark for a response, so the seal will be recorded as an UU.
Another evening report came in at 1919 reporting a seal at Koolina at secret beach. The caller stated there were some people getting close. Outreach was provided and she was going to advise the beach goers to provide the seal with some space to rest.

 Anissa checked in via email. She received a text from Jon at 0837 that seal hauled out Pyramid Rock, MCBH. Arrived at location at 0845 and met with MP who had set up the zone. ID'd Right Spot (R016) by natural bleach spot on right side. She appeared healthy, looked a little scruffy on her belly once she dried out. Although the beach was clear and it was sprinkling Anissa stayed with her as a neighbor notified her via text that someone had posted a photo of her on Instagram and Facebook so she had several visitors. She departed at 1344.
 Carola and Howard checked in via email from Mokuleia. Carola found Ka’ale and RK36 sleeping east of the birth beach Mokuleia. Shortly after 1600 BG hauled out further east up the beach. All three were still sleeping when we left at 1900. Only 5 people visiting and watching seals from up high. 2 shell pickers on west side with not interested in the seals. 3 people were there when BG hauled out, but respectfully moved away from her and gave her space. Carola noted that someone set up sticks near RK36 but they were too close to the seal to remove.

Marilyn checked in via email from Sandy's. She reported that the rising waves destroyed a small encampment east of the cove and pulled lots of trash/items into the water that drifted into the SPZ. The items included plastic coolers, a wooden table, a weber grill, an office chair, beach chairs and lots of other stuff. A number of bystanders helped her retrieve the debris to the far left and far right of the SPZ and get it out of the water so that it did not wash into Kolohe. There was smaller debris—a fishing pole, plastic containers, etc—that did hit him. A number of bystanders also helped her move the SPZ further up as the waves rose Kolohe moved higher on the beach and helped her dismantle the SPZ after Kolohe entered the water. Marilyn provided outreach to more than 50 people!

 Marilyn checked in again via email from Alan Davis. She was scheduled for the 4-7 shift with Kawena, but Gayle called earlier asking for help. So she recovered for a short while after the Kolohe adventure and headed down to ADs at about 1515. Kawena entered the water at about 1700, I searched for another 1.5 hours from the inlet to the parking lot and did not see her again. Marilyn noted that the waves were high that afternoon and water traveled all the way up the beach to the coastal plants and beyond. She advised that the topography of the beach has changed a bit.


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