Thursday, May 5, 2016

5/5/2016 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup, RM38,Cass&Kainoa@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@CIP, RL42,RIP,Luana,Squinty, Ka'ena&R8HY@Ka'ena Point

At 0633 Sadie&Pup (D#8)(RB12) were snooze left of 1BS on high the beach at Rabbit Island. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0752 they were down at the water line doing a feed. At 1003 they began a water session, hauling out again to the same location at 1040. It was back to feedin’ & snoozin’.

 Also at 0752 I found Cass (RB06) & Kainoa (RN04) at Right Middle Cliff. They would be joined by RM38 at 0904.

 At 1145 Gayle called from the Blowhole Lookout to advise that she saw a likely looking lump at the east end of Sandy Beach. I arrived at 1200 and confirmed the Right Spot (R016). We cordoned her off. “Permanent Resident” posse members said she arrived around 1145, so it was around when Gayle made the call. I picked up the rope and left the signs at 1930. Right Spots remains.

 At 0719 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) foraging off shore of Campbell Industrial Park.

 At 0900 Tammy T., began a series of calls from the End of the World. Cast members kept arriving during her stay. The final cast proved to be RL42, RIP (RR70), Luana (RN58), Squinty (R330)&R8HY at the Main Pool, and Ka’ena (RO40) at the Runway, at Ka’ena Point.

 A Dana text at 1512 advised of an U/U at the Keiki Pool, Turtle Bay. No further info.

 A Dana text at 1650 provided a shot of an U/U at Fort Hase, MCBH. No further info.

 I’m happy to report that both the Garden Island News, and the HMS NOAA Research Facebook page have announced that RK30, the female that had the run in with the idiot on Kauai, has given birth at an isolated location on Kauai ! Finally, some good news.

Cass, Kainoa and RM38
 Sadie and PO2 day 8 
 Right Spot 
 First thought to be a U/U but later confirmed as KC at Ft.Hase
Ka'ena & Luana
Rip and RL42
 well excuse me
 RL42, Rip R8HY Squinty and Luana
 High 5... seal party

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