Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5/10/2016 DB's Dailies: Right Spot@Sandy Beach, Sadie&Pup,Kolohe@Rabbit Island, Cass@China Walls, Kaiwi@Kokee Flats, Pohaku@CIP, Rocky@Iroquois Point, Nihoa@Turtle Bay

At 0606 I found Right Spot (R016) waiting for me at the east end of Sandy Beach. I cordoned her off. I found out later , per a Hotline call that her arrival had been reported at 1945 last night. She would depart of her own volition at 1403.

 On my first look at Rabbit Island , at 0657 I found Sadie&Pup(D#13)(RB12) doing a feed at the far left end of the beach.

 Also at 0657 I found what some hours later I would ID as Kolohe (RW22) by his right side bleach, on the water front rocks just left of Seal Rock Inlet. All would remain the day. Because of time spent with Right Spot I wasn’t able to spend quality time with the RI crew. When I came back for a check in the afternoon Sadie&Pup were out for a water session.

 At 1113 Gayle called with the report of what appeared to be Cass (RG06) foraging off shore of China Walls. Later analysis of her photos confirmed the ID by G06 tag, and all that green , of course.

 At 1155 Gayle followed up with a find of Kaiwi (RK96) , once again snoozin’ at Kokee Flats.

 At 0855 Dr. Tom send a text showing what would prove to be Nihoa (R912) at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay. ID was by her center chest scar

 At 0918 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) once again foraging off shore of Campbell Industrial Park.

 At 0956 the Billands advised that they had gotten word from Dana about an animal at Iroquois Point. When they arrived at 1030 they confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID.

 Right Spot
 Nihoa R912
 Sadie and Pup
 Kaiwi.... oh my... she;s huge
 Rocky with adoring fans
 Rocky at Iroquois Point

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