Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5/17/2016 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup(SD#20), RG32@Rabbit Island, Right Spot@Kaupo Beach Park, Kaiwi@Kokee Flats, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Pohaku@Paradise Cove, R8HY@Mokuleia

At 0630 I found Right Spot (R016) on the beach at Kaupo Beach Park. I put up at SPZ, an on my next pass adjusted it since she had moved to the water’s edge. She would remained partially submerged until she began to swim away from her spot at 1042. She remained in the shallows between the two fingers of off shore rocks , just 20 ft off shore, until she finally departed at 1142.

 At 0718 I found Sadie&Pup(D#20)(RB12) making their way to the water at the left end of Rabbit Island. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0912 they were back on the beach doing a feed.

 At 0912 I found RG32, 30 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island.

 Gayle called at 1009 with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) once again at the Kokee Flats.

 Team Billand reported Pohaku (R028) at Paradise Cove. They reported her departure at 1212.

 I got a neat email from Diane Pike at 1033. She advised that RH60/61 (F) was our first “H” weaner of 2016. Yes.... this will be an “H” year. Cute da’ kid.

 Lesley M., checked in at 1658 to advise that R8HY was once again near the Lyman Mansion, Mokuleia.

 Gayle called at 1747 with word that Kolohe (RW22) was snoozin’ on the Lanai Lookout Flats

 Right Spot 
 nice photo... 
 First Weaner of 2016 RH60
Diane described as having the same girth as her length... that is one chunky weaner
 wonder if she's heading off to Kauai anytime soon?

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