Monday, May 16, 2016

5/16/2016 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup,RG32@Rabbit Island, DB, Pohaku@CIP, Team Billand, Buster@Diamond Head, Colleen Heyer, BG&R8HY@Mokuleia, Lesley M

At 0646 I arrived at Makai Pier to find Sadie&Pup(D#19) headed for the water at the left end of Rabbit Island. Actually the pup was beelining it for the water with Sadie trying to keep but. When I got back at 0833 they were doing a feed at the water line. They would later do another water session, with another feed and snooze to follow.

 On a pan at 0833 I found RG32, 70 ft right of 3BS. That was the SE Quadrant cast for the day.

 Team Billand saw foraging animal off shore of Nimitz Jetty at 0700 but were never able to get an ID.
At 0850 they reported a foraging Pohaku (RO28) off shore of CIP.

 Just as I was ready to hit the Send key, Colleen Heyer, newly back from California, called to advised that she just returned from visiting with Buster (RV08), below the Lighthouse at Diamond Head.

 At 1913 Lesley mail arrived advising that she had BG (R303)&R8HY together near the Lyman Estate, Mokuleia.

 I found an Instagram photo from today at Moku Nui showing an unknown , tagged animal retreating from yet another of the idiots we are surrounded by.

 Sadie and PO2 
 UU on it's away from the scary human
BG and R8HY

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b said...

Its disturbing how people treat the seals on Moku Nui. Dont they know how wrong it is to play with a seal resting on shore???

Look at that unknown seal...does it looked relaxed??? Too bad DNLR cant put a stop to this behavior of humans there. They think its so cool to DISTURB our poor monk seals.

I wish there was a way to get these people who keep getting away with their antics.

Shame on these guys out there...POOR SEALS, not safe any where...BAH...