Saturday, May 28, 2016

5/27 HMMA Update

Pohaku was at Paradise Cove starting early in the morning. West Sector responder Zuly, West Sector Manager Chrissy and West Sector responders, Rick and Dakota all took turns keeping an eye on her until her departure in the late afternoon.

 DB reported Rocky at Magic Island “Trench” at around 1100. South Sector responder Colleen responded quickly to check to ensure no significant responder activity was needed and found the lifeguard nearby was monitoring.

 At around 1500 Waikiki Aquarium staff reported V38 Buster on the beach near the aquarium. ID was by tag. South Sector responder Karen started to go to the site but Buster swam away at 1327. Around 45 minutes later a caller reported a seal at Makalei Beach near Diamond Head and South Sector responder Karen started to go. The seal was soon reported back in the water.  At the time the pictures from the caller weren’t IDed but DB later provided a Buster ID. Just a short swim from the Aquarium to Diamond Head.

 MCBH Environmental Dept. called at around 1330 to report a seal at Pyramid Rock aboard MCBH. Turns out the seal had seen by folks there earlier in the day and had been roped off and watched by lifeguards. MCBH responders Jason and Lusi IDed the seal as KC and she ultimately left at 1927.

Benny? or Buster ?  Photos labeled Benny but report mentions Buster
 Good Ole Rocky 

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b said...

Miss Pohaku, God Bless her, was found by Robert and Barbara at 6am. Rob and I roped her off, educated all who came as we have done for NINE YEARS.

I called the hotline two times. Left messages. They called me and I verified Yes female seal at P COVE, need HMMA or someone to take over. Its a three day holiday and the place is going to get very crowded.

I told them the seal is high up close to entrance.

I also text Terri..but she couldnt come yet.

I also text Chrissy, who said she was working on it.

We waited till 10:15am...thats when ZULY came by with her friend. But she said she couldnt stay.

Chrissy text me: I will be coming. I was happy as I did not want Pohaku, a PREGNANT FEMALE to be left alone with all those People.