Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5/24/2016 Yesterday's News from Hawaiian Marine Mammal Alliance

Seal was reported at the Bathtub in Laie about 1000. We had a responder go out and the seal was observed leaving the Bathtub by the time we got there. Too far for pictures or good ID so this will be a U/U.

 Also around 1000, seal reported to hotline on MCBH North Beach. Several volunteers from on base spent all day with R016 Right Spot. 2 pictures below. First picture isn’t super clear but shows both the natural bleach mark as well as the notched RR flipper.

 Received call from NOAA at about 1400 regarding small plane that crashed just offshore near Makaha Beach Park. Thankfully both occupants of the plane survived with only minor injuries. We dispatched 4 volunteers to start a search spanning the area 2 miles south of Makaha BP to 2 miles north of Makaha BP to look for any seals in the area. No seals were found and no fuel or oil was observed.

 RG40 Holokai sighted at Elbow Beach Turtle Bay at 1500. No pictures available.

 Right Spot

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