Sunday, May 29, 2016

From NOAA's Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program Facebook Page RF28

Pohaku's little dude RF28 caught a hook on Kauai and was brought to the NOAA facility for surgery and some rest. The following photos are from the their facebook page and are the property of NOAA.

We are happy and relieved this little one got such great care and is on the road to recovery.... 
Oh and a big shout out to the Coast Guard who always come through!

hold steady
 Dr. Greg doing his magic
 oh that's nasty 
 YEA! Coast Guard! 
 Recovering nicely.... 
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Geckohale said...

Was this another hooking & surgery for RF28? I saw the post on the Marine Mammal Center on RF28 having surgery and it was date 6/3/2015. Or maybe their date is incorrect, as this seems to be a recent hooking??

Donna said...

this is a more recent hooking for this little dude.... let's hope he finally learns his lesson...

Not sure if that was an old report or not.