Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5/25/2016 Yesterday's News from Hawaii Marine Mammal Alliance

R016 Right Spot spent all or part of a second day at MCBH North Beach. One of our East Sector responders aboard MCBH reported her there about 0900 and later in the day.. Still in a very un-used section of the beach. A responder will be checking in the morning to see if she is still there.

 At 0845 we were advised of a seal at Kaimana Beach. Ocean Safety had put up signs and cones. One of our South Sector responders arrived at the scene a little later and confirmed the seal was RH58 Rocky. Occasional checks were made during the day and another South Sector responder reported her still there at 2105. We will be checking in the morning to see if she is still there.

 At 1005 one of our West Sector responders on beach patrol came upon a U/M tightly tucked into rocks near Maili Point. Positioning of the animal made ID or photos difficult but we did get a low resolution shot of him.

 For the second day, multiple West Sector responders searched over 3 miles of shoreline north and south of Makaha Point in the afternoon for any seals in the vicinity to assist NOAA and the USCG in monitoring for possible effects from fuel that might have leaked from the small plane crash that occurred on 5/23/16.

 RH58 Rocky 

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