Saturday, May 14, 2016

5/13/2016 DB's Dailies: Right Spot&R5AY@Kaupo Beach Park, Sadie&Pup,Cass,RM38&UU@Rabbit Island, RL42&Ka'ena@Makua Cliffs

At 0637 I found Right Spot (R016) on the off shore rocks at Kaupo Beach Park. I put out signs and monitored her through the day.

 At 0654 I found Sadie &Pup (D#16)(RB12) in a swim session off the left end of Rabbit Island. They would haul out for a feed & a snooze at 0742. They were back in the water from 0933 till 1051. It was back to feed and snooze after that.

 Also at 0654 on a pan I found what would prove to be Cass (RG06) on the beach 50 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet, on RI.

 At 0920 she would be joined by RM38. At 0920 on a pan I found a partially visible animal in Seal Rock Inlet. It remained partially visible all day, and no ID was possible.

 I had been monitoring Right Spot from Makai Pier, and at 1318 I suddenly found that there were two animals on the rocks. When I got to KBP I found that it was R5AY. This is her first recorded trip to Kaupo Beach Park. Both remain. My records show her last sighting on 4-21-16. R5AY departed at 1715 and Right Spot left at 1730. North shore girls gone south.... interesting to have them both here.

 At 1230 Team Billand reported RL42 & Ka’ena (RO40) together at Makua Cliffs. This is Ka’ena’s first sighting at this location.

 RM38 and Cass
 Sadie and PO2 
 UU - unidentified unknown
Right Spot and R5AY
 Right Spot - gorgeous view
 R5AY Honey Girl
 RL42 and Ka'ena

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