Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/2016 More on Pohakau at Ulehava

Spent the afternoon until dark with Pohaku. She was visited by two MONKS in orange robes, at the end of the evening. She peeked at them many times as they waved at her, then she finally decided 6:30 p.m. was a good time to leave. She was for a good 12 hours. Melina  Thank you Melina for sharing.

 beautiful picture

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b said...

Also like to thank Miss Debbie who sat with Pohaku in the am to 1pm.

Miss Pohaku had come up at 6 something, we put the zone up in the rain, got visited by a very nice police officer. He was wondering what we were doing in the rain.

Miss Deb took over after us, Melina took over after Deb, we went back twice and stayed at the end.

Those two monks came and were so excited about Pohaku. One walked in zone for a photo, the other kept saying hi to seal. They didnt understand english.

By six thirty, FINALLY she took off in the big surf, got washed along shore line and out she went. The sun had already set it was beautiful.

HOw often do you see MONKS with a Hawaiian Monk seal...it was pretty funny...and it made for a photo opportunity.

We joked, no tags, unidentifiable monks, but nice coats. He He.

Thanks Deb and Melina and Donald too. Seal ya laters Pohaku...who is getting to be a ONE FAT GIRL.