Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/13/2016 DB's Dailies: Mojo,Kainoa,Kea&Cass@Rabbit Island, Buster@China Walls, Pohaku@Paradise Cove, Benny@Depot's, Nanakuli

At 0723 I found Mojo (RI17) at 3BS on Rabbit Island.

 He would be joined at 0823 by Kainoa (RN04). Happy Birthday Kainoa ! He turns 3 today.

 At 0849 Kea (RN46) came galumphing out of the tall grass at 3BS. I’d been watching the birds to see if they were reacting to anything up there, since Kea had been there yesterday also. I never had any idea he was there until he showed himself, moving down.

 I was even more surprised when at 0948 Cass (RG06) galumphed out of the same tall grass location, and moved down to join Kea.

 Marilyn did a morning round in the SE quadrant and called with the report of an animal at China Walls. The animal was hidden in the Naupaka, so no immediate ID was possible. Melanie also checked in the afternoon, and because of the location she too could not confirm an ID. I too did a check in the afternoon, and found a male belly in the Naupaka. It would take analysis of all 3 of our photos and some checking scar info against the Buster File, but at 1500 I felt solid about the Buster (RV08). It was a team effort.

 At 0559 Team Billand checked in with the report of an overnighted Pohaku (RO28) a Paradise Cove. Per Chrissy, Pohaku would depart at 1156. Mahalos to Warren, & Chrissy.

 A Dana text at 0850 brought a photo of Right Spot (R016) at Rocky Point , on the North Shore.

 She also forward a shot from posse member, Dusty, showing a phat U/F in Laie. No ID was possible.

A Lusi Perry text at 1034 brought news of an animal at Pyramid Rock, MCBH. She sent photos which confirmed the KC (RK28) ID. A Lusi text advised that KC departed at 1814.

 At 1346 Team Billand got a C&C call reporting an animal at Depots, Nanakuli. When they arrived at 1404 they found Benny (RE74). He departed at 1737.

 In the Yesterday’s New department, Lesley M’s, shots from her End of the World trek yesterday with Kimo L, showed Ka’ena (RO40),big brother RIP (RR70), Squinty (R330) & Kimo Kai (RT12) at Ka’ena Point.

 Happy Birthday Kainoa
 geesh he's really tucked away
 Right Spot at rocky point
 Benny's departing gift
sand sculpture....
 More KC at MCBH

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