Friday, March 18, 2016

3/18/2016 DB's Dailies: RG32&Kainoa@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi&Buster@China Walls, Kekoa,RIP&Kimo Kai@Maili Point, Pohaku@Campbell Industrial Park, Benny@Paradise Cove

The seas were wild & wooley at Makai Pier. White water on the lanai made for an early departure, but job got done.

 At 0710 on my first look I found what would prove to be RG32 in the grass, 80 ft right of 3BS. 

When I got back at 0830 I found Kainoa (RN04) in the Morning Glory, amongst lots of unhappy birds.

 At 1000 I did a China Walls check and that was a bit sketchy too, with the occasion surprise blasts of white water. Just as with yesterday, Kaiwi (RK96) & Buster )RV08) were snoozin’ on the rock flats. 

Team Billand reported Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point at 0758.

 At 0912 the found a foraging animal off shore of CIP. At 0922 they got the Pohaku (RO28) ID.

 At 1029 they got a call about an animal at Paradise Cove. When they arrived at 1038 the found Benny (RE74). Terri reports that Benny remains at dark.

 The Billands found RIP (RR70)&Kimo Kai (RT12) at Maili Pt at 1346. They noted that Kekoa was gone, however he returned at 1407.

 At 1529 they reported Rocky (RH58) at Wind Sock. It has been a very long time since I typed Wind Sock. It used to be a favorite hangout. Nowadays not so much. The Billands advise that Rocky remains at dark.

 The Billands are having one of the usual dark to dark days. Please check the blog in the morning for their shots.

 In the Yesterday’s News department we have shots from Carola Johnston who documented Right Spot (R016) at Chun’s Reef yesterday

 We also have shots from Tracy Mercer, from the NOAA teams Ka’ena Point trek, documenting Ka’ena RO40), Kolohe(RW22)& vaccinated Squinty (R330) at KP, and the newly bleached, RI37 & Nihoa (R912) at Waialua.

 Kaiwi and Buster
 R330 Squinty 
Right Spot

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