Sunday, March 27, 2016

3/27/2016 DB's Dailies: RG32&UU@Rabbit Island, DB Benny&Kekoa@Guard Rails, Kimo Kai @ Tracks, Team Billand

Ordinarily I would start at the beginning and work through the happenings of the day, but as I sit here at the moment I am still stunned by the frantic call from Team Billand at 1556 from Tracks on the west side. “It’s Kimo Kai...they are rolling him up on the beach now... He’s dead !!!” Shortly thereafter came a call from Dana, advising that she had been fielding calls from HPD and others about this incident. She had sent the Billands to the scene. NOAA personnel retrieved the body. This is a young healthy 5 (almost 6) year old male. Rocky’s son from 2010. Yesterday he and his pals were all hangin’ out at Maili Pt, just a few flipper flaps down the beach. This is just completely out of nowhere. I’m in shock. My heart goes out to the Billands who are on the front row as this sad , sad story unfolds. This just sucks! (sorry I do not mean to offend anyone but I have no other way to say it....) My heart goes out to Team Billand <3  as to all of us you care about these animals

 Please forgive me for being brief with the rest of today’s news. My heart just isn’t in it.

 The Rabbit Island cast was an U/U & RG32, along with two bad guys, whom DOCARE met when they got back to Makai Pier.

The Billands reported Benny (RE74) at Guard Rails at 0614. Kekoa (RK72) would haul out to join Benny at 0747.

 The Billands reported Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point at 0815. He would depart and then return.

Kimo Kai's tags
 Kimo Kai from Saturday 3/26/16
Benny and Kekoa
 adult unknown
 Bad Guys... whatcha going to do?


b said...

Found three seals earlier, Kekoa, Kolohe and Benny all Maili. Couldnt find no one else, went to an easter lunchenon.

Back on road, to the beach at Campbells, but no seals.

Get the call from Dana, Seal dead TRACKS. at 3:43pm. We headed out to tracks.

3:53pm Arrive to see a dead seal in shallows, a man with him, cop on shore and one arriving.

I ran down the sand cliff, made the id immediately KIMO KAI RT12. Called Rob, BRING ROPES QUICK, DEAD SEAL KIMO KAI.

Rob got the ropes, tied Kimo Kai best he could and we flagged folks, locals to help roll seal up shore. Tied rising.

On phone with Dana, Dnlr, Fire Department for man power, Parks and Rec.

In the end, I got Parks and Rec to open gate , Ralph came to help roll seal and carry the carcass up hill to truck with NOAA who came at 6pm.

By 6pm team Noaa put seal in a small blue tarp, and tied with straps. THen we had to carry seal all the way to the short hill, rolled it up hill to the truck.

I got another local man to help carry seal up into truck with NOAA.

By 6:43pm Kimo Kai was off with NOAA TEAM for a necropsy.

Thanks to the locals who helped me build a wall of rocks, a drift wood to stop the seal from from going back into the ocean. GOD BLESS YOU. TO THE PARKS MAN JOEL and to NOAA for getting the seal to the truck.

We will miss our K BOY, KIMO KAI FROM KAUAI, he was going on six on April 9th. What happened to him, he was fine the day before, foraging with Kekoa Alii RK72 in late afternoon. My heart feels empty, I am sad, I cant believe he died.

THanks to Robert who got the ropes and tied seal up to keep him on shore. It wasnt easy, but we did what had to be done.

God bless Kimo Kai RT12...he will always be our K boy who we watched daily...Maili will never be the same.

Madhatter from Ohio said...

SO sorry to hear about Kimo Kai, RIP sweet one.
Sending out special thoughts and prayers to The Billands and Monk Seal Ohana.
I can't even imagine how hard this would be learning about one that didn't make it,
let alone having to keep it from going back into the water.The Billands have a heart of gold.
Sending hugs from Ohio.

M.C. said...

My heart is torn. I watched Kimo Kai many times at Ma'ili. He was so precious, just slept like a baby. My last watch over him was Feb. 23rd when he was at the end of the beach park here sleeping. He took a peek to check out the waves and slept some more. I will let never forget him. I am in a bit of shock over what seems to be such an unexpected death of a seal who seemed just fine. Thank you to all who managed to get Kimo to the truck. I can imagine how tough that was. I was on my way with three adults, but found out they just finished getting him to the truck. Rest in peace and much love Kimo Kai.

b said...

Kimo Kai RT12 is gone forever, but will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

My heart aches every moment I am at his haul out spots. I think How Sweet a Seal he was, never made troubles to other seals, was kind to Females. He was handsome, always made his haul out vocal, just mouth opened wide with a BAH!! After that, he would sleep soundly for hours.

You are in my every day thoughts, YOU WILL BE MISSED out on shore in Westside.

I cant believe you are gone Kimo Kai...I am so sorry, I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary in the days before your death. You seemed ok, like all the rest, sleeping, snorting once in a while, flipper flexes, NOTHING TO SAY YOU WOULD BE DEAD THE NEXT DAY.

Thanks Robert and to the locals who helped us pull his lifeless body out of the water. He was so big up close, and so HEAVY to roll up shore. But he wasnt going out to sea again...we wanted the Necropsy done to tell WHAT HAPPENED. WHY?? He was fine day before with Kekoa Alii, playing, foraging.

Good Bye my sweet seal from Kauai...Love you always. I will treasure each and every photo of you through our short years with you. In your words: BAH!!!!