Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/12/2016 DB's Dailies: Kea@Rabbit Island, Cass&RG32@Spitting Cave, Pohaku@Paradise Cove, RI37@Turtle Bay, Ka'ena,RIP,Squinty&Kimo Kai@Ka'ena Point

It was anything but a routine day in the SE quadrant today, though the cast and locations sound familiar.

 To begin the tale let me go back to last Thursday when I noticed that the pier end of Kaupo Beach Park was completely full of campsites, and large tents. Initially I thought it was going to be a 5-0 shoot, but lo & behold I found out this morning that it was , in fact , a funeral & spreading of ashes for a C&C lifeguard. There were said to be 1000 people in attendance for the ceremony today, and I’d say it was every bit of that and more. The ashes were spread just off shore of Rabbit Island, fronting 3BS, and unfortunately Kea (RN46). Considering all the people that were out there, I suppose its wonderful that only 2 guys didn’t get the memo on staying off the island. The saddest part of the episodes is the fact that amongst the 25-35 jet skis that were out there were 3 DOCARE Officers, who did absolutely nothing about the 2 guys who met Kea , up close & personal. Sad !!

 The other notable thing about the Rabbit Island day is the fact that it was Landing Day !!!! Yes.... the Sooty Terns & Brown Noddies began landing at 1048, beginning at the left end ears and extending to the Middle Cliff area. This marks the latest date that they have landed since I have been keeping track. From today thru mid July a Monk Seal will have a hard time getting a decent day’s sleep with all that racket.

 Kea would be the lone , non winged resident of RI. He moved out of the high grass fronting 3BS at 0952 and despite the chaos , remained all day.

 Marilyn is getting back to normal, and though she wasn’t ready for a Ka’ena Point trek, she did manage to do a pass through the SE quadrant spots. At 0900 she called to say that she had gotten a quick glimpse of Cass (very green, small animal) , off shore of the Kokee Flats. There was only a single up.

 I know how that feels because at 1300 while I was checking China Walls, I got the same quick glimpse of what I’m quite sure was Cass, doing a drive by, heading more into the bay. I checked Fingers and Kokee Flats but found nobody. Marilyn would recheck China Walls again at 1543 but alas, nobody was home.

 Fortunately, between those two sightings Gayle had spent quality time with a confirmed Cass (RG06) & RG32 at Spitting Cave. Cass’s green & RG32's right shoulder L5 bleach made it an easy confirmation. Thank you Gayle... Ya’ Done Good !!

 Team Billand checked in at 0555 with the report that Pohaku (RO28) had over nighted at Paradise Cove.

 A Lusi Perry text at 1115 advised that RI37 was at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay.

 Lesley M., called at 1300 with the report of Ka’ena (R040)m RIP (RR70), Squinty (330)& Kimo Kai (RT132) at Ka’ena Point.

 Kea and crowd 
 actually makes me very sad these guys didn't do the right thing.... they more than others KNOW better 
 The birds are back in town
Cass and RG32 ( guess which one is Cass - lol  little green machine)
 Starring Pohaku at Paradise Cove

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Melanie said...

DOCARE = NO CARE. What a joke. Too bad the lifeguard's soul will not rest in peace.